Monday, August 13, 2012

Educating kids about Independence Day

The day of independence holds a special place in history of a country. The newer generations must be educated about the struggle and glorious history of independence. To make them aware and respect this day, the parents can play fundamental role. These simple steps can create awareness among kids about the Independence Day:

  • Hold a free conversation with kids about the history and about the important events and dates related to independence. For that, one should have good knowledge about the history.
  • Spell out the important personalities and freedom fighters who contributed for the freedom. Also, talk about the ways they brought about a change in the society and their impact on the people of that time.
  • Watch documentaries, cartoon films and movies based on independence. It would be of great interest for children.
  • Visit to historical places and museums will provide more information to kids about the pre-independence life and the changes after independence.
  • Encourage kids to participate in Independence Day festivals in schools and elsewhere.
  • Teach patriotic songs and the national anthem to develop patriotism in them.
  • Educate about the significance of the national flag and meaning of each color of the flag.

Fun filled conversation and innovative techniques like watching facts on internet will help the kids to understand the significance of Independence Day.

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