Saturday, June 16, 2012


All these years we have connected child-raising with motherhood. We have experienced and discussed the feelings, woes and tribulations of a mother. Being a mother, my focus has been on relation between a mother and her child. And I would say it is a big mistake that I did not discuss the role of father in parenting issues. It is not as if I do not acknowledge the role of father. I am largely my papa's daughter and I really look forward to his words and advice for anything and everything. His constant support and understanding has always kept me going.

May be, it has become a tendency to overlook the participation of father in child-raising. Father has always been there to give support and love. The only thing is his ways and his participation is different from that of a mother. I remember my mother was scared of sending me to school via bicycle. However, my father instilled confidence in me and I started going to school on bicycle instead of school bus.

As a mother, now, I may speak out my side of story, about my efforts, troubles and accomplishments. And it is true; mothers are more vocal about their life, their efforts and hardships. But in no way it can take away the efforts, the silent support and affection of father for the kids. His wise words and strong hands are always there to show the right way to kids.

Let us acknowledge and appreciate the role of father and become vocal about their contribution in bringing up the kids.


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  2. Acknowledgement is a big thing. Daughters are more attached to the father and also have the courage to acknowledge.


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