Thursday, May 10, 2012

When child becomes your teacher

Buenos dias!
Good morning, I mean to say.
Those words are in Spanish language. Actually I am learning Spanish from my son. This year my son opted Spanish as third language and I have asked him to teach me new words. Believe me, it is fun to learn something new from your child. By this way you can update your skills. Moreover, it also boosts the confidence of your child. All the while, you have been his teacher but now he is getting a chance to teach you. It is funny, interesting and motivating.

When I first asked him to teach me, he didn't take it seriously. But later on he realized that I am not joking. I am really interested. So we began with daily routine words like good morning, good night, see you later and bye and we used them regularly instead of English words. Through this method we were easily able to remember the new Spanish words. 

Now, we are learning the alphabet and animal names. Learning Spanish is not that difficult. The alphabet in Spanish are similar to English alphabet and one can learn them quickly.  We have decided to develop our own code language in Spanish. Surely it will be fun.

You can also do something similar and strengthen your bond with your child.  Working together in same activity definitely increases the spirits of the child as it combines enjoyment with learning.

Hasta manana  (see you later).

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