Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Exams stress and kids

Exams are about to begin and the stress to score high is showing up on the faces of kids and parents. However, stress can result in bad performance and grades. Moreover,  too much stress can cause, loss in appetite and sleep, anxiety, depression and even suicidal tendencies.
Exam stress in kids can have negative impact on overall health

Reasons behind EXAM STRESS-

1. Vast syllabus that needs to be revised regularly.
2. Constant pressure of parents and family
3. High expectations and social pressure to perform
4. Uncertainty regarding the future and results

Parents need to take some proactive measures so that their kids sail through the exams in stress free way. Their support can help a lot in preparing for the examination. Here are tips to maintain distance between exam stress and kids:

  • Drinking water during the studies helps in memory retention. Therefore, ask your kid to drink water frequently in between.
  • Introduce healthy foods and discourage junk foods.                
    Hand over a fruit in place of pack of chips
  • Breathing exercises helps to shed stress from the mind. Teach your kids some easy breathing exercise so that he or she can feel stress free and fresh.
  • Short breaks between the studies to eat or to play help kids to refresh themselves. The child can participate in physical activity/ sport for recreation. Indulging in mind games also help to refresh the mind.
  • Longer duration of studies exhausts the child and reduces retention of memory. Therefore, plan study duration time as per the concentration of the child.
  • Group studies with peers can help.                       
  • Encourage your child to think positive. Positive atmosphere at home is helpful in keeping the kid calm and confident. Use positive and appreciative words like- well done, good going, etc.
  • For a healthy atmosphere, let the children listen to music and share some light moments with family.
  • Avoid comparisons with other kids, it decreases the morale of the child.
  • Sound sleep is also necessary for children. Irregular routine of sleeping makes the child weary and irritated.
  • Last but not the least; formulate an agreeable time table for studies and other activities so that kids can enjoy and also prepare for exams without feeling the burden.
Hope these tips will greatly reduce exam stress among kids and enhance performance. All the best!

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