Monday, January 6, 2014

How Kids can Benefit from Yoga?

Yoga is a discipline wherein you are introduced to a set of exercises and postures to achieve optimum balance between physical, mental and spiritual well being. Many people have benefited from  yoga exercises. Besides adults, kids can also benefit from the postures and exercises of yoga. They can attain healthy body, calm mind and increased performance through regular practice of yoga.

Other activities such as dance classes, cricket, football, badminton, etc., also help in better health and fitness but they are insufficient to strike a harmony between mind, body and soul. If you are still wondering about benefits of yoga for kids then check out the given list here:
  1. Yoga exercises make the body of a child strong and supple. It strengthens different muscles groups of the body.
  2. Yoga helps to improve eye-hand coordination of the kids through various postures and exercises.
  3. Exercises such as pranayam or breathing exercises help to relax the mind as well as body.
  4. Breathing exercises also help to strengthen the internal organs and systems of the body such as digestive system, respiratory system, etc.
  5. Yoga exercises increases the blood circulation, facilitates supply of oxygen to each body part and relieves from any kind of pain or stress.
  6. Yogic postures improves concentration and confidence of a child.
  7. In order to treat certain health problems such as obesity or mental disorders, yoga can bring about positive results.
  8. To increase self awareness and boost self esteem, yoga is the only way. It does not require elaborate tools or infrastructure like other disciplines.
  9. To achieve better coordination between mind, body and spirit, yoga is of great help.

Yoga has proven to be advantageous for kids especially for those with special needs. Therefore, enroll your kids to a nearby yoga classes or buy a DVD to teach the exercises. Not only kids but unborn babies can achieve good health when their moms learn yoga postures in the right way. Moms-to-be can learn yoga at home with the help of yoga videos online as well.

What are you waiting for? Get ready to learn and teach yoga to your kids for better health, mind and beautiful life ahead!


  1. Yes yoga is verey important for children and should be taught in their school also. What have been mentioned in the article is appears to be based on facts.

  2. As for me, the benefits are obvious. After all, yoga is essentially the control of your body and stretching. For the child it will be very useful as for any person who has no contraindications. My friend who took a course on siddhiyoga he says that some of them were even his in the first months of the variability


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