Thursday, January 6, 2011

Children deserves your quality time

Parents are the world of children. The life of children begins with parents and throughout life parents remain the most crucial aspect of their life. No matter how much the children get mingled in the society, the importance of parents and their valuable time for the children can never shrink.

The sight of mother brings tears of joy in the eyes of a baby. He is elated to see his mother and looks forward to stay around her all the time. In the same way, loving hug of father makes the child feel secure and safe. He needs both the parents to feel complete. The presence of both the parents boosts the confidence and enthusiasm of the child.

Imagine a young kid who is about to perform on the stage. His eyes search for his parents. The moment he traces them his eyes sparkle and he is motivated to do better. But the absence of parents disheartens the child and affects his self esteem. Lack of enough time or excessive monitoring both hampers the child development.

The kids who get proper attention of their parents grow up as more confident and emotionally secured adults. While those who do not get sufficient time and attention lack zest for life. But that does not mean one should leave all the work and other priorities of life behind. A child does not require 24 hours attention. All he or she requires is the quality time of parents.

Take time out to listen to him or her. A good conversation time or playtime fills happiness in the atmosphere. You must have heard that a family which eats together stays together. Share at least one meal time with your son or daughter. A light hearted talk at dinner table helps release stress levels and induce cheerful mood among the family members. Reading story together at bed time is yet another way to strengthen the parent child bonding.

Remember to fulfill your promises. Avoid making promises which you cannot fulfill at all. So if you have promised a visit to zoo at the weekend then try to make it possible. The times spend together will last long in the memory of the child and will bring the latter closer to the parents. In case of any unforeseen circumstance, assure the child that the promise will be fulfilled soon.

The child expects special treatment from his or her parents. He or she deserves it too but in optimum proportion. The purpose is to make him or her bloom with delight. Therefore make sure that you devote quality time to your child now onwards!

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