Saturday, January 1, 2011

Be a kid yourself!

As a parent, we need to set an ideal example of good behavior and good habits. We have to be careful in our words and deeds. The children will automatically follow the path we tread on. However, it should be borne in minds that it is a gradual process of learning. The parents often expect kids to behave like adults. While this is not easy for kids, but it is easier for parents to be kids themselves and make learning process enjoyable.

A few days back, rains forced my seven year old son to stay indoors. Reluctantly, he obeyed and started watching cartoon. It is not an easy task to deviate him from his favorite pastime. Any ways I let him watch cartoon for half an hour and then cajoled him to play some game with me. Both of us had great time playing indoor games. Instead of behaving like an adult I enjoyed being a kid myself. Getting naughty and doing things in kids’ way is fun. During all this time, I overlooked the mess that was created. My son was surprised to see the change in his mother as there were no scoldings or directions to clear the mess.

At the end of the game both of us cleared the mess together and happily as well. Being kid taught me to be happy and cheerful without specific reason. The incident also taught my growing kid to make most of the available time and also to take good care of his things.

My child taught me to be patient and considerate while making him learn new lessons of life. You can also come forward and share your experiences in the journey of parenting.

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