Friday, December 31, 2010

No one can teach Parenting

After the initial euphoria and hesitation attached with the child birth, begins the real job of parenting. Learning to hold the baby and watching the baby crossing every milestone with a smile is a new experience. When she starts recognizing you and her eyes searches for you, those moments can’t be described in words. Each moment with the baby teaches you how to be a good parent.

You have seen your parents and definitely imbibed some parenting skills from them. You have also seen how other parents act and react and deal with their children. But still you can’t learn enough about parenting. Your kids can surely teach you some good lessons on how to raise them well. Amazing isn’t it?

Every child is unique. Though the habits and tantrums of two children may look similar but dealing with each of them may require different parenting style. Therefore, it may not be in the best interests of the child to treat him or her in the way your neighbor or your friend does.

The psyche and intelligence of every child is different from the other. It is crucial to understand the mindset and personality of the child before reacting. And it is when you draw closer to your child while playing, studying, and working or just conversing then you get know more about his/ her feelings, thoughts, insecurities, dreams and so on.

Develop a close bond with the child and let him speak his mind. Then you would come to know the mistakes you made in understanding him and dealing with him.
Step by step and year after year, you would evolve as a parent. Your journey of parenting would take many turns and many ups and downs. Every moment and phase will teach you to become a good parent.


  1. Nice information. Many parents will may like to see such more information.

  2. Good Contents. We can also incorporate some tips in some of the article of learning with few live examples

    Ankur Gupta


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