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Coconut Water for Kids- Why Is It Required at All?

Many times, mothers are advised to include coconut water in the diet of their babies and growing kids. But an obvious question often strikes every mother that why is it required to include coconut water for kids at all? 

Coconut water for kids
Coconut water for kids- Required or not?

Well, tender and juicy coconut water is a warehouse of essential nutrients that can benefit the growth and boost the development of your kids. It contains minerals like potassium, magnesium, chlorides, and electrolytes with a moderate amount of protein, sugar, and sodium. Not to forget the calcium, vitamin C, riboflavin, and manganese supplied by a serving of coconut water to your kids.


Coconut Water Nutrition Facts

Coconut water contains vital lauric acid and monolaurin, a compound that strengthens the immune system to fight against diseases and combat infections. Coconut water provides an instant burst of energy to your kids. Here is a quick look at the nutrition content of a serving of coconut water:


Nutrients Supplied Per 100 Grams


19 kcal


0.2 g


0 mg


105 mg


250 mg


0.7 g


3.7 g


2 %


6 %


1 %

Vitamin C     

4 %


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Coconut Water for Babies


You can keep your infants and toddlers hydrated with coconut water. Whenever you plan to switch your infants to solids or semi-liquids other than milk, you can include coconut water into their diet. 

Coconut water is advisable for babies aged 6 months or above. Give a few spoons of coconut water daily to your 6-8 months babies. Toddlers can easily have a cup of this wonder tonic daily. 

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If your infants cannot drink it raw, you can mix coconut water to their porridge or purees. Add a few teaspoons of it to their shakes or make lemonade with coconut water.

More Ways to Provide Coconut Water to Kids

coconut water for kids
Watermelon slush with coconut water

1. While making fruit smoothies, add some coconut water before blending and kids can have these without knowing what is in there.

2. Prepare ice cubes of coconut water and drop them in any drink you prepare for kids.

3. While preparing fruit slush, use coconut water. Blend watermelon cubes, coconut water, cumin powder, and salt, and your watermelon slush is ready to serve.

4. Similarly, prepare papaya slush, pineapple slush, melon slush, and other fruit drinks.

5. Prepare a Coconut Rose drink. Simply blend some coconut meat, coconut water with rose syrup, blend, and ta-da, it's ready!

6. You may also add the water of coconut while preparing the dough and use it as usual, so that your kids would never know what is in there. 

7. Another way is to include this water in your green smoothies for that added dose of natural goodness in your diet.

Benefits of Coconut Water For Kids

 Coconut water can help naturally cure common problems like dehydration and diarrhea in children. Coconut water naturally replenishes the body’s salts during the hot summer months. It is a healthier alternative to aerated drinks and packaged fruit juices to quench the thirst of your children. Here are some of the miraculous health benefits of coconut water for kids.


1)    Quick Rehydration


Coconut water can quickly rehydrate your kids. It is also proven beneficial to kids when given during mild fever. It is very helpful in curing dehydration caused by cholera-induced diarrhea in infants. The minerals and vitamins in coconut water quickly replenish the lost water, minerals, and vitamins from the body.


2)    Cure Gastric Troubles


The vitamins and minerals in coconut water help in curing gastric troubles in babies. Coconut water contains electrolytes and dietary fibers that help relieve constipation in babies and keep the digestive system healthy.

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3)    Prevent Urinary Tract Infections


UTIs are quite common in babies. The healing and cleansing properties of coconut water help in curing UTIs in kids. Coconut water flushes out the chemicals by diluting the urine. It can also dissolve kidney stones and keep the kids safe from infections.


4)    Cure Intestinal Worms


Growing kids are often prone to intestinal diseases like worms. Coconut water can help kill and flush the worms out of your kid’s digestive system. 


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5)    Prevent Vomiting Bouts


Frequent vomiting may dehydrate your kids and cause loss of essential nutrients. Coconut water works as an effective laxative and can quickly replenish the lost vitamins and minerals thereby rehydrating your kids. Further, coconut water is naturally sterile and therefore the best beverage to serve while traveling.


6)    Boost Immunity


The primary composition of coconut water is quite similar to that of breast milk. It contains lauric acid that serves as an immunity booster for babies and growing kids.

Coconut water for infants and toddlers


7)    Treat Prickly Heat Rashes

One of the major issues that children experience during hot and humid summer days is prickly heat rashes. Coconut water works as an effective remedy to treat and prevent rashes in babies.

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FAQs on Coconut Water for Infants and Kids

Q1) What Is the Right Time To Serve Coconut Water To Kids?

Ans) You can serve coconut water at noon, 2 hours after meals, or as an evening drink to your kids. Do not serve coconut water during bedtime or with meals.


Q2) Can Coconut Water Cause Allergic Reaction in Kids?

Ans) There have been no reports of allergic reactions or side effects in kids after drinking coconut water.


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