Raising your daughter in her tween years

Daughters are the precious gift for parents especially dads. Raising daughters is filled with so much fun and laughter. However, tween times is a bit different. It takes much more than you think to develop a special bond with your daughter in tween years.
Raising daughters happily

Your once upon a sweet, little girl can be bitter, moody, drama-queen or self-centered at times.  Nevertheless, she will be an affectionate and mature daughter at other times, to your surprise. Your daughter may not be aware of her mood swings and changes in nature as all these are result of hormones and her newly-discovered status about herself. Despite of this, tween times of your daughter can be a memorable time to cherish for years to come.

It has been a pleasant journey with my daughter. She is very jovial and enthusiastic by nature, spreading laughter wherever she goes. However, it happens when she is not able to take certain things in her stride, gets angry at small issues or just wants to have her own way.

To deal with these situations, I have discovered certain ways that will promote strong and sweet bond with my tween daughter, sharing with you now:

Stay calm when your daughter is not

There can be times when she talks back, argues or does not understand your point. Your calm response can settle the matter quickly as you know its all part of growing up. Let her be with herself for some time, consider her underlying concern behind her argument and take up the matter calmly after some time. Remember, your cool temperament can help in dealing the situation effectively.

Comprehend the factors behind her anxiety

This is the age when you daughter develops anxiety because of several reasons such as her looks, her grades, performance in extra curricular activities, peer pressure, own body changes, curiosity about opposite gender and so on. And the fact is she may not be able to understand or communicate the same. Being present to her anxiety, provides you an opportunity to be available for her in the areas she may not be aware of.

Keep the promises you make                           
Keep your promise with your tween

Its the best way to retain her trust and build your relationship with her further. Fulfill your commitments like you will accompany her to skating class, be present on her first stage performance or go out for a movie together.

Be open to change

As your daughter grows up, your parenting style needs to be adjusted accordingly. She is not that small girl anymore who will pay heed to everything you say or want her to do. That calls for some new tools to be added to your parenting. 

Respect your partner

If you think you can disrespect her mom (or dad) and still remain her favorite, then think twice. You can't get both. Therefore, in order to win trust and respect of your tween you need to respect her other parent.

Get to know her friends

Friends are an important aspect of her life. Try to acquaint with the friend circle of your daughter. Invite them at your home or organize birthday party or some event wherein you can meet and know the friends of your tween. That ways you will come to know more about her also and become closer too.

Encourage your daughter to be active

That's the age when kids get really interested in gadgets, T.V. or computers. Encourage her to be active and participate in sports. As far as possible, accompany her in any physical activity like cycling, jogging, playing badminton, etc. Its also a great way to strengthen the bond between you two.

Read a book together

Reading a novel/ story together gives you both an opportunity to have a good quality time as well as base for open discussion on various issues. Such quality time helps your daughter to gain insight about different aspects of life. Also, you get a chance to know her perspective and feelings.

Support her in home work and other interests

Help her in home work, share your own experiences so that she understands you value education. Also, let her pursue her own interests and hobbies. Understand her passion and compliment her for her efforts. t also give you an area to discuss with her thereby letting her open up with you more.

Stay close to her

Pat on her back, a hug before she leaves for school, holding her hand while walking matters a lot. Such physical closeness reassures her that you are with her. She can feel your love and protection in such moments.

 Growing years can be difficult for girls. But your support and participation in her daily life can help your daughter to sail through tween years smoothly. Follow the above mentioned suggestions and feel free to share your ideas for raising daughters in tween years. Looking forward for the same...


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