Thursday, October 13, 2016

Proactive ways to avoid tantrums of kids in public


Have you seen kids throwing tantrums in full public view, in the middle of the market place, in the park or may be at clinic? You thought your kids will not behave like that until one day your kid actually embarrass you with unstoppable tantrum. Its natural whether you like it or not.

But it can be avoided, diverted or managed with some proactive ways to avoid tantrums by kid in public. How? Let's read now!

Share your list of work to be done or things to be purchased from the store

Start planning for a smooth shopping experience with your child at the mall from home itself. Share the purpose of your visit, the necessary things you need to buy/ do and how he will benefit if this task is done smoothly. It will excite the child to go for the shopping for the same purpose and perhaps to support you in this job in his own small ways.

Allow your child to participate in your grocery shopping

Show your kid the items you need to buy such as corn flakes, biscuits, etc at home. Ask him to look out for these cartons/ packets while in the store so that he focuses on your purchases and not his own. This would prompt his participation in your work without getting diverted to other things that may lead to tantrums.

Ask your child to make his own list

Ask your child at home to share what he/ she wants from the store and discuss whether you can fulfill that requirement or not. If the thing is worthy then note it down in your list in front of him so that he is assured that his demand will be met. So chances of kid being happy and not cranky are higher!

Never move out of the house on an empty stomach

Before you step out with your kid especially for shopping, always have a good meal/ snack time with him. That will ensure your toddler/ kid will not throw tantrum to buy snack or drink for him as soon as you reach the store. Though it's a bit difficult that your toddler does not cry for anything at all especially candies, ice creams or cold drinks, yet you can take this proactive action.


Also you can allow him to carry his own small bag with his favorite snack, biscuit, water bottle, book and a toy which may help him to stay engaged for longer duration.

Make rules and stay consistent

Tell your child clearly how to voice his demands when outside. Also make clear he can have his way only if he is polite enough and tantrums will only lead to loss of rewards. In addition, you can inform him that you are going for a definite time to complete certain tasks and need to return on time.

You can give him options of enjoying with his toy or listening to music or reading a book if he feels bored. All the while, you need to repeat the rules of staying calm and polite when you go out so that the child remembers them before throwing a tantrum.

Keeping engaged is the mantra

Keep talking to your child or make stories so that your kid remains entertained. Remember problem generally starts the moment he has nothing to do or think about. A mom of toddler can sing a poem or song while driving, show him different colors and teach him different shapes while pondering over the items to buy.
For an older child, you can explore whole lot of conversation which allows him to think more and stay occupied. If all this does not suffice then you have your phone to offer him for a quick diversion from public meltdown to staying calm!

Therefore, for a great experience outside with kids, do your homework first and stay calm!

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