Friday, March 18, 2016

5 Things to avoid in your child's presence

Kids are fast learners than you can think. Whatever you do or speak gets imprinted on their minds and you can soon find them doing or saying the same. Scary, no? There are certain things which you would not like them to learn and do. For that you will have to avoid the following things in your child's presence:

Yelling at each other

Losing your temper and yelling at each other is certainly a bad example for kids. Try to maintain your composure even in adverse situations. That ways your kid will also learn to handle his emotions and situations calmly.

Acting sarcastically

Making fun of somebody or letting someone down may not go down well with your kid. Your kids have high regard for you and the only way to retain that respect is through respectful behaviour for others. Choose your words carefully and act in the way you expect from others.

Think before you utter your next fib

Fibs may be entertaining for you but in long run you are teaching your kids that telling lies is okay. So be honest and genuine as far as possible in front of your kids

Hooked to internet

Too much online connection may result in disconnection with your own kids. Moreover, you need to set a good example in front of your kids by way of spending quality time with them both indoors and outdoors.

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Using shameful words in front of kids

If you want your child not to use particular words then you need to check yourself first while talking to someone over phone or arguing with the neighbour and other situations. The kids pick these words fast and may become a part of their habit.

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Friday, March 11, 2016

5 things you need to say to your kid daily

Probably you may not have realized but if you say these special words daily to your kids, it will have positive impact on them. They are surely going to love you more when you mean what you say.

Good morning, dear

Morning time is full of chaos and confusion especially if you have school going kids. However, find a couple of minutes to cuddle and hug your kid while you are waking her. It will be a lovely way to start her day with smile, warmth and your love.

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Thank you so much

Whenever your kid follows your guidelines, completes the allotted task or modifies his ways then saying " thank you" is the best way to show your appreciation and gratitude. Needless to say, the child will himself imbibe this value in his life.


Yes, parents need to say" please" to kids. Your polite response will have far reaching positive impact on children than any other way such as yelling which leads to nowhere.


Be prompt to say sorry to your child whenever you feel you are not able to fulfill your promise or you have committed a mistake. It brings you closer to your kid and sets a good example of ideal behaviour for your child. Its a symbol of strength and not weakness of your personality.

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Good night

No matter how much you are exhausted and in hurry to hit the bed, always pay visit to your child's room and wish him good night. Just remind him that you always love him.

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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

5 Things Your Toddler Expects From You

As parents we have so many expectations from our kids, But ever thought our kids as young as toddler could have some expectations from us! Yes indeed. Let's find out what toddlers want their parents to do frequently and mind you they are serious about it.

Love, love and love

Sounds obvious huh? Still we as parent forget to remind our darling that we love him her so much. Whether its your phone call, business meeting, grocery time, cooking time, laundry or anything else, it takes few seconds to look into his eyes and say," I love you, dear".

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Lots of hugs and kisses

 A hug and gentle kiss can calm down a crying child. No matter how small may be the cause of her crying or no matter whatever mistake he committed with his little hands, at the end, its your hug and kiss that he expects from you. This is the only way to make him learn from his mistakes.Mind it, he does not understand your anger, stress or fears. He understands your soft touch and gentle voice.

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Your toddler has learned to stack blocks and he looks up to you for your attention and appreciation. Your one compliment, "well done my child" fills him with happiness and encouragement. Your appreciation will make him cross several milestones and even after years he will remember your words of encouragement.

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Your time

Often we parents meet out the essential duties like changing nappies, feeding the kid, dropping at the play school, etc, etc but are not able to find time to spend quality time.Do spend some fun time with kids, simply join them in whatever they do, run around, make noises or jump. This time won't come back again, you know.

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Laugh out louder

Smile more and laugh louder when you are with your toddler. Show her your positive and bright side so that she imbibes the same in her. This is the easiest way to make kids happy and confident.

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