Thursday, January 30, 2014

Love shrinks stress levels in kids

Mounting stress levels among kids is surely a cause of concern. Peer pressure, school performance, exam stress, extra curricular activities, bullying, cyber crimes, busy schedules, expectations of parents are some of the reasons that cause stress among kids.

Kids may not be able to understand reasons behind the growing confusion, anger, restlessness, sleepless nights, lack of concentration, low self-esteem, inability to socialize, baseless fears and insecurities. However, parents themselves have gone through these phases at one point or the other in their life and they can relate very well to the tension levels among their children. Therefore, they need to take initiative and help children to calm down and diffuse stress out of their life.
The major solution to disperse the clouds of stress is:

The undivided and unconditional love of parents to their children can shoo away any kind of confusion or tension in kids. Parents can take following steps to shower love and give whole-hearted support to their children:

  • Pay attention and provide exclusive time to your stressed out kid. Switch off your mobile and laptops for some time when your kid wants you to be with him or her.
  • Listen to his/ her thoughts, feelings and fears. Allow him to open up and vent out whatever is going in his/ her head.
  • Lend your shoulder and let him/ her cry for sometime. Contrary to general belief, crying helps to relieve pain and reduce stress. It helps to maintain an emotional fitness of a person. 
  • Do not let kids repress or hide their feelings. The sooner they share emotions, better are the chances they will come out of the trauma/ pain.
  • Show them the brighter side of situation. Your kind and encouraging words  will have deep impact on the psyche of the child. You can turn a bad phase into a stepping stone and convert frowns into smiles.

All these ways are signs of Love.
Let your LOVE  prevail in the minds of children and surely their stress or anxiety will blow out of their life.

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