Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Importance of festivals for kids


It is the time to enjoy and celebrate festivals.Many of us like the festive season and enjoy the rituals attached to them. Some others like the idea of getting holidays because of festivals and they enjoy the break from their daily schedule.Our kids also enjoy the festive season and look forward to break from school and studies.

However, the kids hardly understand the importance of these festivals.Why these festivals are celebrated?

There is a mythological story or a significant history event behind these celebrations. In absence of the awareness in this regard, the enjoyment of these festivals is incomplete.Many times,kids enquire about the historical aspects of the festivals.Making them aware about the past will surely help them to enjoy their present.

Nowadays, many comic books are available which revolve around mythological stories and tell about the reasons for celebration of a particular festival. Reading these history based story books serves many purposes at the same time.It not only helps kids to learn about their history but it also provides them the essential moral values.The moral of the story helps the kids to understand the human values.

Another way to guide about festivals is by way of cartoons.There are available many cartoon films CDs based on the lives of different mythological heroes, which may provide the answers to many questions of the children.The kids would love to watch these cartoon films and get to know about their past.

Awareness about history is an important aspect of education of kids.It helps them to differentiate between wrong and right, good and bad and pros and cons of various things that come up in life.

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