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Top 5 Summer Diet tips for your kids

Long school hours, outdoor physical activity and scorching sun can leave your kids drained out. Let not hot temperature mess with the health of your child. Check out these quick Summer Diet tips for your kids and enjoy the season happily:

                                                           Light meals              


Light meals digest easily and can provide ample of energy. So include healthy meals such as rice flakes, corn flakes, cold sandwiches, porridge, salads, dal-rice combo to fill little stomachs yet feeling happy and light. Its best to avoid fried and spicy foods which may cause stomach problems.

                                                             Fluids intake

                         Milkshake, Beverage, Strawberry, Drink

Besides drinking plenty of water, make sure your kids run for different drinks such as homemade fruit juices, fruit flavoured squashes, smoothies and fruit milk shakes. In addition, buttermilk, lemonade and flavoured glucose should be given from time to time to replenish the lost electrolytes and stay away from DEHYDRATION.
These fluids not only keep the body hydrated but also provide ample of nutrients.

                                                           Fruit break


Keep the summer fruits such as watermelon, melon, berries, mangoes, bananas, etc well in reach of kids. Prepare a colorful fruit salad and  serve to kids with a dash of lemon juice and rock salt. Cut them into interesting shapes before you serve or squeeze any fruit and add couple of ice cubes to attract your kid. Even better, make popsicles out of fresh fruit juice and see the kids asking for more! You can have 3-4 fruit servings in different forms throughout the day.

                                                   Meal time can be interesting

Summer veggies must form part of daily diet of your kids but it need not be boring. Prepare mix veggie raita wherein you can add cucumber, onion and tomato to well stirred curd. Garnish it with coriander leaves. Else prepare fruit raita using bananas, mangoes and pomegranates. Kids would love to create and eat the colorful dish during lunch/ dinner.

                                    Vegan, Wrap, Plant-Based, Meal, Healthy       

Another easy tip is to spread pizza sauce or any favourite sauce of child on roti and add cooked veggies or dry chicken recipe to it. Now roll the roti and its ready to be consumed quickly by super active kids during school hours or at home. With this recipe you will be relieved that your fussy kid is getting nutrients of whole food and veggies at the same time without any hassle!

                                                                    Sweet dishes 

                                   Chocolate Brownies, Brownies, Cake, Food

Now how can we ignore daily dose of sweets to kids, but of course in proportion? Instead of ordering pastries, cakes and icecreams from outside every time, try these at home. Kids would love a visually delightful dish coming from your kitchen which can be as simple as vanilla icecream with toppings of fresh fruits, dry fruits or chocolate sauce dressing.
                                Homemade cooker cake recipe
Mango icecream, triple sundae, fruit cream, custard, cheesecake are some of the recipes that are quick and easy to make but provide ample of taste and energy too!

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