Thursday, December 3, 2015

Essential Gardening Tool for your Kids

Of course you want your little one to develop a liking for the wonderful hobby called gardening. For that it is important to make it interesting for the kid. Else, getting the child to like gardening can prove to be very difficult. An important part in this exercise is equipping your child with the correct gardening tools which are easy to use as well as light in weight appropriate to your child’s age. Here’s a list of the essential tools which you should get for the kid so that gardening becomes enjoyable for him/her and he/she can help around in garden.

The wheel barrowDo get a bright colored one which is easy to move around so that your little one can carry the little pots or dry leaves without any inconvenience.  

Kids Gardening Wheelbarrow

Hand GlovesGet a pair which is leather-palmed and offers adequate protection against thorns and rough edges so that your kid’s little hands remain clean and un-injured.

Rake & showelSince these can be dangerous tools, get small ones. Also, ensure that the material is not too heavy for them to work around in the garden.
Bird house To draw the child to the garden, you do need bugs and birds in your garden. In order to attract the flying birds, it is suggested to have a bird house.

Busy Garden Freestanding Bird House - $14.99

The Zingz & Thingz Busy Garden Free Standing Bird House is a bright and beautiful shelter for small birds. The combination of wood and metallic materials ensures that this birdhouse is durable. The Busy Garden Free Standing Birdhouse by Zingz & Thingz...

 You may either make one yourself or get a ready-to-assemble one and paint it in bright colors.

Watering Can Your boy or girl can water their little plants on schedule if they have a light weight can which they can use easily to nourish the growing greens in the garden timely.

Trowel Digging will become a fun activity with a small neon trowel which your baby will love to use. It is also easy to clean. Hence, learning to grow will be like digging your way through the ground!

Water sprinklerIt will be quite convenient for your baby’s little hands to water the potted plants on his/her own. So, the water sprinkler will prove to be handy and a must-have equipment in the gardening kit of your kid.

ApronGardening will involve letting your kid go out in the dirt and dig and plant to learn the art of gardening. As they say, stains are good! So, let them enjoy the process and the apron shall take care of protecting the clothes from the stains and dirt.

So buy these gardening tools for your kids and develop eco-friendly habit in them through gardening. And there, your little master is ready to grow in the garden!!


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