Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Ideas for eco friendly decoration with kids

All set to celebrate festivals? But remember to make your celebrations safer for environment too coz every festival leaves its ugly effects on the surroundings.

Though ecofriendly ways are picking up yet there is an urgent need to protect environment in every aspect of life including festivals. Forgo the methods and celebratory ways that cause pollution and embrace eco friendly attitude.

This festive season try to make an effort, (encourage your kids too!) to turn eco-friendly, to contribute whatever you can to make earth a better place to live! This would be the best festive gift for kids and Mother nature.
Have a look at some eco-friendly ideas of decoration that you can implement with the help of your kids. The first and the foremost thing should be to replace thermocol and plastic with cardboards, cloth and papers.

1.      Paper flower garlands

With colourful papers including the left over paper cuttings you can do so many things. Garlands made with paper flowers always look fresh as compared to those made with plastic. This idea will come handy if you are not opting for the garlands made with actual flowers. Your craft book will have ideas to make paper flowers. Or you can always refer to the internet.

2.      Diyas( earthen pots)-
Use clay diyas only and completely ban the ones made with POP. You can oil paint diyas with different colours like golden, bright red, yellow, etc. to make them look appealing. Use non-toxic oil-paints which are easily available in the markets. That ways you can show off your artistic side and save electricity too!

3.      Torans( gateway decoration)-
Either go with the traditional toran made with ‘mango leaves’ or craft yourself a beautiful hand-made toran with the help of cardboards and colourful papers.

4.      Cardboard Rangoli- Draw peacocks, flowers, different shape diyas and other beautiful stuff on a cardboard and cut it out. Paint it with different colours and there you are ready with variety of rangolis. Mix and match them every day.       
     You may also use eco friendly materials and waste items such as marbles, raw rice covers, mirror pieces, granules, sands, etc. Ask your kid to share ideas of rangoli designs.

5.      Paper bag lanterns-
Shopping paper bags can be perfectly brought to use to make a series of lanterns. They not only look beautiful, but are so eco-friendly too.

6.      Seashell Candles- Girls have always liked making seashell necklaces. But seashell candles too will look adorable. You will get a variety of sizes and shapes in candles.
Even boys would like to try their hand at this and your home will look even more beautiful!

7.      Make a collage of your interpretation of that festival- Use all your creative ideas to make a wall hanging (on a plain blouse-piece/ bed sheet) that depicts the importance of that particular festival. Start collecting pictures from newspapers and magazines and share your views on each of them. 

     You can also inspire kids to make greeting cards using cloth, paper and other waste materials. Along with eco-friendly, you can also make your festival educational too!!

These ideas for eco friendly decorations with kids surely make your festival extra special. Involve everyone from your family to contribute in ideas and you will end up enjoying more!

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