Monday, December 30, 2013

Safe Party Tips for Parents

Most of the times, party celebrations are visualized to be entertaining, comfortable and memorable. However, where kids are involved, the adults need to think about party in a different perspective. Besides, entertainment, safety of kids is a crucial aspect for parents in a party. If you are planning a New Year party, wedding celebrations or a birthday celebrations or a baby shower, then consider the following safe party tips in order to avoid any mishap during your celebrations:

  1. Create a separate child proof play zone for toddlers where they can run, trip or mess around. Make available some toys/ art kits for them.
  2. Ensure the party area is well lit and there are no dark spaces. Moreover, check there are no loose electric wires to avoid any accidents.
  3. If the party is in open, appoint an adult to supervise young kids in order to avoid any problem.
  4. Check out that there are no choking hazards in children area such as deflated balloons, sharp objects or broken pieces of toys.
  5. Serve fresh foods for kids. Foods kept outside for long duration can cause poisoning.
  6. Try to exclude general allergy causing items from menu such as peanuts. Also, item such as hot dogs, hard candies or chewing gums can pose threat to kids. It is better to keep them out of the party menu or you may allot supervisors to avoid any mishap.
  7. In case, the menu is served in open, make sure it is safe from bees and flies.
  8. If the food is freshly cooked in front of the guests then you need to ensure that there is a distance between fire and the guests. Also keep fire extinguisher ready to avoid fire accidents.
  9. Take care that you have safe and non-alcoholic drinks for the party when kids are on the guest lists. If you still want to include alcohol then  never leave the drinks unattended to avoid any negligence.
  10. While organizing activities with kids, there should be ample of space for everyone to enjoy, run around or play otherwise children may trip over each other.
  11. Ask your friend or relative to assist you while playing games with kids. It would facilitate better supervision.
  12. In case you have arranged a bouncy castle for your party, see that the company is reputed and reliable and general safety rules are followed at all times.
  13. Keep a first aid box ready for unforseen circumstances.

Party times are meant to spread happiness. It is possible when adequate safety measures are undertaken by the host. Go ahead, celebrate to your heart's content and follow the above safe party tips for a great celebration.

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