Thursday, April 11, 2013

Muskmelon-Benefits and Recipes

If you want to keep your body calm and revitalized then muskmelon is the answer. Muskmelon is a tropical fruit available during summer. Its cooling properties and nutrients help both kids and adults to stay energized and healthy throughout the hot summer. Take a look at the following facts about musk melon before reading some delicious muskmelon recipes.                                            
  • Muskmelons are rich source of vitamins such as vitamin A, B and C.
  • They are a good source of potassium, phosphorous and folic acid.
  • They have plenty of dietary fiber and do not have any cholesterol.
  • They are high in moisture content and therefore, satisfy the thirst quickly.
  • Muskmelons are low in fats and calories.
  • Muskmelon is ideal fruit to beat the heat in summer. It helps to lower the body temperature.
  • It prevents many chronic degenerative diseases and digestive problems.
  •  It is an effective laxative and thus prevents constipation in children as well as in adults.
  • It provides instant energy and rectifies the low appetite problem.
  • Children love the sweet and juicy flavor of muskmelon.
  • Generally this fruit is cut into pieces and eaten raw. It is also apt to include in fruit salad to enhance the nutritional value as well as taste of the recipe. However, there are other ways to consume it.
Sweet sour muskmelon juice
Ingredients required: 2cups of muskmelon, pinch of cardamom powder, 2 spoons of lemon juice, 5 spoons of sugar as per taste, ice cubes.

Mix all the above ingredients except ice cubes and make a puree out of them. Pour the mixture in a serving glass and add some chilled water plus ice cubes over it. The juice is ready to serve. This recipe is perfect for kids when they are exhausted and hungry.

Muskmelon and watermelon Combo juice
Mix cubes of both the melons and blend them in a juicer. Pour the juice in a glass and add some ice cubes plus rock salt if you like. Drink it immediately. The drink is highly nutritious and beneficial for all in summer season. However, only small portions of it should be given to children below one year of age.