Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Mother's Day Greeting Cards

Greeting cards are a beautiful way to express your feelings and thoughts. On this Mother's Day, whether you are near or far, remember to gift your mother an exquisitely as well as thoughtfully designed card.

Your mother has been the source of inspiration for you. She has always showered unconditional love and protection to you. To make her feel special, choose an appropriate greeting card that truly express your emotions for her. In case you are far from her, you can still send her  a card of your choice. Visit an online ecard company and select the right card and send it to your mother on her email address.

     Send beautiful Mother's Day eCards - FREE!

There are endless designs and patterns available in the category of cards for Mother;s Day. You can even customize them as per your liking. Therefore do not delay anymore. Choose your card and gift it along with a surprise gift basket. You would love the lovely expression on her face.

Have a Happy Mother' Day to all of you!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Mother' Day Gifts

If you are not able to meet your mother on this Mother's Day, you can still make her feel loved with an appropriate gift. Tell her how much she means to you and how much you love her with this beautiful artwork displaying your innermost emotions for her:


Mothers and Roses Glass Suncatcher - $26.00

This Mothers and Roses Art Glass Suncatcher by Silver Creek Industries makes a beautiful gift for Mother's Day, a birthday or other special occasion. Tell your mother how special she is with this unique and attractive work of art. The octagonal suncatcher

You can also surprise her with the following attractive gift basket available at attractive price:

Mothers Sweet Gift Basket - $55.95

This Mothers Sweet Gift Basket is perfect to send to any mother in your life! She'll love the sweet contents and think you're the sweetest child she ever had. A great gift idea for her birthday or Mother's Day!

A mother is the first teacher and life long Guru of her child. She does countless sacrifices for her children. Now it is your time to do something special for her. These little gifts are just the reflection of your undying respect and affection for her.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

How to treat dehydration in kids?

Kids often suffer from dehydration in summer.

Dehydration is one of the common summer diseases that children may have to suffer. When the body loses more fluids then the total fluid intake, dehydration may occur. It means the water level in the body is less than the required level which may create health serious health issues of the patient.

Causes of dehydration in kids

There are several causes of dehydration in kids such as
  • Increased sweating on a hot day along with lack of enough fluid replenishment
  • Common viral infections like rotavirus that cause diarrhea, vomiting, fever and less ability to eat or drink.
  • Certain bacterial infections that diminish the capacity to drink and cause vomiting and diarrhea
  • Excessive sweating during workouts or sports activity when not accompanied by proper fluid intake
  • Diabetes
Signs of dehydration

Dry mouth, dry tears, chapped lips, decreased urination and increased thirst are the signs of dehydration in mild form. A normal child with normal health does not have these signs. On the other hand, the symptoms of severe dehydration are no tears, sunken eyes, less urination, dry tongue and mouth lethargy and listlessness, irritability and weight loss.

It is important to note that babies and young kids have higher chances of dehydration than teenagers.

Treatment at home

  • The best way to rehydrate the kid is to provide enough fluids. Drinking plenty of water is the most effective way to replenish the body with essential nutrients. 
  • To restore the lost fluids, sugar and salt, the baby/ kid can be provided ORS solution. 
  • For babies, breastfeeding can be continued and he/she would not require additional water intake. 
  • In case she intakes formula milk or solids, you can provide him or her extra water for rehydration. 
  • In mild dehydration cases, babies can be cured at home with the advice of the doctor. However, in severe cases, proper medical observation and treatment are compulsory.

" Prevention is better than cure". Follow the summer safety tips for yourself and for kids from the beginning and avoid the common summer ailments.

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Monday, April 15, 2013

10 things to do with kids in summer

Summer is the time to explore the world around you. While winter season forces the kids to stay indoors, it is the summer time when kids can hang out with their parents and friends and enjoy different activities. While being with parents, the kids get an opportunity to unwind, play around, discover and learn new things in a safe zone.

Here is a list of ten things parents can do with their kids during summer:
  • Gaze at the clouds and stars and let your imagination fly high in the sky.
  • Play in the nearby garden or at the backyard the games you used to play in your childhood.
  • Visit a botanical garden/ national park and discover the new species of plants and flowers.
  • Prepare a new dish with the help of kids and relish it together.
  • Try origami. Make different objects like boat, bird, etc with paper and have fun.
  • Organize a picnic near the lake or river and enjoy boating too!
  • Go for camping with kids in the lap of Mother Nature. Kids would love to explore the nature.
  • Visit a flea market and let the kids strike a deal for their favorite items.
  • Visit a fair or exhibition in the city like mango festival, book fair, etc.
  • Learn some new exercises or yoga asanas and perform them together in the morning.
In addition to the above, you may enjoy many more interesting activities in summer with your children.

Not only these would provide you a chance to strengthen bond with your kids, but would also bestow you and your kids many memorable experiences for lifetime.

Friday, April 12, 2013

5 Summer Hazards parents should prevent

Summer is here again! It is the time to play outdoors, take a dip in the pool and go for family picnics. While you have a good time with your friends and family, take care your kids should not fall prey to some of the common summer hazards.


Excessive loss of water from body leads to dehydration. Weakness, dizziness, dry mouth, headache are some of the symptoms. It happens when the child consumes less water and fluids or probably he/ she loses more water from the body due to other factors such as vomiting, sweating, diarrhea, etc.

Food borne diseases

During summer, food borne diseases are common. Pre-cut foods/ fruits, contaminated foods/ water; eatables from roadside vendors, improperly preserved food or lack of hygiene are the major causes of food-borne diseases such as diarrhea, food poisoning and other stomach infections. Infection can also spread if you are handling pets or visiting a swimming pool with improper hygiene standards. Kids have weak immune system and often fell ill because of the above issues. Poor appetite, nausea, vomiting, loose stools are some of the signs of such illness.

Mosquito and bug bites

Diseases caused due to mosquito bites are another cause of concern in summer. Malaria and dengue are caused because of certain mosquitoes that breed in the surroundings. Even if the child is saved from such diseases, bites can be very painful, itchy and troublesome especially in blistering summer season. The effect of bites can turn worse when they become infected.

Heat cramps and heat exhaustion


When a child loses a large amount of water and salt in sweat due to workouts/ exercise, heat cramps may occur. It causes intense pain in muscles and muscle spasm also.
Excessive loss of water from the body is also the main cause of heat exhaustion. High temperature, weakness, nausea, vomiting, fainting, headache, fast/ weak pulse, heat cramps are some symptoms of heat exhaustion. If not treated properly, it may lead to a severe condition called heat stroke.

Heat rash

Severe hot, humid climate may cause heat rash among babies and young children. Tiny white or red blisters appear on the skin of the child, which contains fluid. They may disappear on their own if taken care of properly. These rashes may appear on various body parts like face, neck, shoulders, chest and armpits.

Many of the summer hazards can be avoided by parents with adequate care and prevention. To make most out of summer, follow these summer safety tips for kids and have a good time with kids under the sun.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Muskmelon-Benefits and Recipes

If you want to keep your body calm and revitalized then muskmelon is the answer. Muskmelon is a tropical fruit available during summer. Its cooling properties and nutrients help both kids and adults to stay energized and healthy throughout the hot summer. Take a look at the following facts about musk melon before reading some delicious muskmelon recipes.                                            
  • Muskmelons are rich source of vitamins such as vitamin A, B and C.
  • They are a good source of potassium, phosphorous and folic acid.
  • They have plenty of dietary fiber and do not have any cholesterol.
  • They are high in moisture content and therefore, satisfy the thirst quickly.
  • Muskmelons are low in fats and calories.
  • Muskmelon is ideal fruit to beat the heat in summer. It helps to lower the body temperature.
  • It prevents many chronic degenerative diseases and digestive problems.
  •  It is an effective laxative and thus prevents constipation in children as well as in adults.
  • It provides instant energy and rectifies the low appetite problem.
  • Children love the sweet and juicy flavor of muskmelon.
  • Generally this fruit is cut into pieces and eaten raw. It is also apt to include in fruit salad to enhance the nutritional value as well as taste of the recipe. However, there are other ways to consume it.
Sweet sour muskmelon juice
Ingredients required: 2cups of muskmelon, pinch of cardamom powder, 2 spoons of lemon juice, 5 spoons of sugar as per taste, ice cubes.

Mix all the above ingredients except ice cubes and make a puree out of them. Pour the mixture in a serving glass and add some chilled water plus ice cubes over it. The juice is ready to serve. This recipe is perfect for kids when they are exhausted and hungry.

Muskmelon and watermelon Combo juice
Mix cubes of both the melons and blend them in a juicer. Pour the juice in a glass and add some ice cubes plus rock salt if you like. Drink it immediately. The drink is highly nutritious and beneficial for all in summer season. However, only small portions of it should be given to children below one year of age.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Water melon- Favorite Summer Fruit of Kids

Yet another favorite fruit of kids, besides bananas, is water melon. It is basically a summer fruit though now you can find it in other seasons also. Water melon is a juicy and sweet fruit that contains numerous vitamins and micro nutrients. Here are some crucial facts that show significance of water melons in summer season for kids and adults alike.

Water melons contain more than 90% of water and thus serve as thirst quencher on any hot summer day. It helps to keep the body cool and fresh in hot temperatures.

Water melons have plenty of vitamins like vitamin A, C, B1 and B6 that enhance immune system and fight infections.

Rich in anti-oxidants such as lycopene, this fruit helps to prevent cancer of various types.

Water melons have abundance of electrolytes that are crucial in hot summer season.

They are good source of dietary fiber, contains small amount of fats and no cholesterol at all. It is considered as great energy booster.

They provide potassium and magnesium in great quantity and other essential micro nutrients as well. It prevents heatstroke, heart burn and digestive problems also.

The list can go on but in nutshell we can say, watermelon is an essential fruit for everyone. Daily use of water melon helps kids to stay energetic, fit and healthy.

The fruit can be consumed in different forms. The most popular way is to eat it raw. Cut some slices, refrigerate and sprinkle rock salt over them before serving. It is one wholesome and delicious  meal that will quench your thirst and fill your stomach as well.

You may also make juice of it and add some salt, mint powder, drops of lemon juice and ice cubes before serving it. Or, you may add lemon juice, sugar, ginger and chaat masala to the juice for yummy flavor.

You may also freeze this juice to make delectable watermelon ice cream for your kids.

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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Benefits of Bananas for Kids

Bananas are extremely healthy and nutritious. Packed with lots of vitamins and minerals, bananas are available round the year. Daily consumption of this fruit provide ample of energy to sustain daily physical activities of both kids and adults. Children love bananas because of the sweet taste while parents recommend them because of its immense nutritional value. Here are some crucial benefits of bananas for you:

Bananas are high in potassium and are good source of magnesium, phosphorous, calcium, iron, zinc and other minerals. That is why, they are important to maintain good metabolism and bone health of the body.
Bananas also provide good amount of vitamin C and vitamin B6. This helps in better immune system and cell health. It also facilitates absorption of other nutrients such as iron.

Bananas contain dietary fiber that helps in digestive process. In addition, bananas make you feel fuller and they also help in reliving constipation.

Regular consumption of bananas supports both brain and body to function smoothly. It can also cure the problem of anemia in a person as it regulates the production of hemoglobin in the body. In every sense, bananas are perfect for complete development of children.

It is the right fruit to have in breakfast.

Include bananas in the daily diet of your kid as well as yours. It can be consumed as such or may be converted into smoothie or banana shake or bananas wafers. Cut some slices of bananas along with other fruits to prepare tasty fruit salad.

Add some banana slices in smoothened curd and add sugar to it. Alternatively, add slices of bananas to vanilla ice cream to enhance the taste and value.

You can also prepare tasty dishes for dinner with raw bananas and provide healthy nutrients to your family.

As bananas are easy to digest, they are ideal for babies as young as six months old. Mash some slices and feed them to your baby and he or she is surely going to relish the taste.

Last but not the least, bananas are perfect during long travels and picnics as they provide instant energy to kids that can last hours.

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