Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Teaching children to respect women

We all want to instill good values in our children. One of the crucial values that are sometimes overlooked is to respect woman. Often, kids grow up with skewed opinion about women. They do not understand the value of women in their lives and show disrespect towards them. Sometimes, it also leads to violence and crimes against women. It is important to teach kids to respect women and to treat them nicely. Here are some ways to inculcate the value of respecting women in kids from early stage:

Be a role model. Children imitate the attitude and behavior of their parents. Show respect towards women and treat them amicably. Kids will definitely learn the same behavior.

Respect your kid’s opinion. When you actually pay attention to your child and respect his opinion/ preferences, he is likely to develop the same value for you and people in general. Most likely, he would respect the opinion and preferences of other people around him including women.

Be kind towards women in general. Help out the women in need and older women. Offer your seat to a needier woman or help someone to cross the road. These small but kind actions evoke kind attitude among children.

Make same rules for your daughter as well as son. Teach both of them to be responsible, polite and kind.

Demonstrate the importance of women in your life. Share your feelings/ views about the importance of women in your life. She can be your mother, sister, wife, friend, daughter, niece or aunt. It is good to discuss your experiences and positive views with your children about the women in your life.

Discuss the role of famous women from history who had contributed immensely in their field. For example Madam Curie, Sunita Williams or any other famous feminine figures of your state, etc.

On this International Women’s Day, remember to thank and appreciate every woman in your life. Include kids also in this act.
Let this gratitude and respect towards women prevail throughout the year and does not restrict to one day only.

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