Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Kids’ safety during Christmas period

During the celebrations ofChristmas, it is of utmost importance that kids remain healthy and safe. Otherwise any health issues or unforeseen incidents may dampen your festive spirits. Many accidents or mishaps occur due to negligence on part of the adults. Therefore, here are some crucial tips to be considered during Christmas period to ensure safety of kids.

Always see the “fire resistant” label while purchasing an artificial tree.

Keep candles away from the tree and decorations to avoid any mishap.

Go for flameless candles to avoid any fire accidents.

Use certified and good quality electric cables and equipment only. Discard broken sockets, damaged lights and loose connections.

Let children handle decorations under adult supervision only. Keep small children away from small decoration parts or items that they may choke on.

Make your kids wear gloves when they handle delicate/ brittle decorations.

Switch off decorative lights and extinguish the candles before leaving the house or before going to bed.

Buy age appropriate gifts for kids. Be extremely careful while buying toys/ gifts for infants and toddlers. Make sure the gift does not contain any small parts that may cause danger for kids.

Keep the exit gate of your house clear. It should not be cluttered or obstructed.

Children are curious by nature. It is wise to keep an eye on them. Keep sharp objects and hazardous/ poisonous elements/ medicines away from their reach. Also restrict their entry into the kitchen to avoid any accidents.

Keep kids away from room heaters and fireplaces.

 To further ensure, the kids remain healthy on this Christmas, follow essential winter tips available on this blog.

Wishing you and your family a safe and happy Christmas period!

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