Monday, November 2, 2015

Eco friendly ways to clean post festival mess

Festivities and celebrations are in full swing. Digging into sweets, buying clothes for kids and family, decorating the house, gifting to loved ones- all these are part of festivals. How about being socially responsible this festive season? If it is a ‘thumbs up’ from you, there is no dearth of the various ways to go about the after-festivity cleanup in an environment-friendly manner.

  • Use the colored saw dust and flowers as mulch:
  • Reuse and recycle saw dust
    The colored saw dust and flowers that beautify the rangoli / colorful decoration of your home floor can also fertilize your garden area after rotting. Spread it evenly in the space adding nitrogen fertilizer to it for the nitrogen consumed by the micro-organisms during the rotting process.
  • You can use the decorative items to adorn your home space: The ornaments from the idols created in festivals can be re-used for fancy dress competitions of your children or even to decorate the doll house of your daughter. The tit-bits prove very handy while making handicraft items with kids.                                                    
  • Vegetable peels make great compost material: The delicacies that you prepare for your loving kids during the festivities comprise a variety of vegetables and fruits. The peels of these make very effective and natural compost for growing plants, trees and vegetables. So make your soil fertile at the expense of waste organic material!
  • Comfortable saw dust bed for your pet: The colored saw dust of rangoli can also be used to keep your pet comfortable. You can either spread it over the sleeping area of your pet or fill it in a piece of cloth and sew it to make comfortable bedding.
  • The mud lamps can be re-used: Whether the plain mud ones or the terracotta ones, they can be re-used for lighting near the tulsi plant (holy basil) or in the prayer room for daily worship.The lamps can also be painted by kids and can serve as a decorative piece to brighten up your home as well as backyard.  
  • Don’t throw, donate food instead:
    share festive food with underprivileged
    With so many families and children sleeping hungry and suffering from malnutrition, throwing away food is a bad idea. Instead, donate the cooked leftover. There are a number of NGO’s who collect extra food and distribute it to the needy.

With these post festival eco friendly cleanup measures, you and your kids can surely add value to each celebration. Pledge to enjoy the festive season responsibly, safely and fully; sharing smiles! 

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