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Assure good performance of kids at school

Parents worry so much about the performance of their kids at school. They actually strain themselves a lot and also put undue pressure on their children to make latter perform well. However, in spite of their pressures and effort, some kids do not perform as per expectations.
Stress to Perform among kids
Are the kids responsible for under performance? Or is the school not doing enough? Or maybe, the parents are making too much of fuss. Let’s find out.

There can be multitude of reasons due to which some children do not perform as per expectations.

Outdated teaching methods The school may be following outdated teaching methods and aids which lack innovation and fun. It makes learning a boring process for kids and they sometimes do not understand the concepts well.

Lack of motivation by parents The lack of adequate attention and motivation also makes the child lose interest in studies. Sometimes, the parents put the onus of education on teachers and school and shrug off their responsibilities. This attitude of parents makes the children careless towards their studies and hence poor grades in school.

Burden of over expectations Conversely, some parents over burden their kids with their expectations. Excessive discipline and lack of appreciation for hard work discourages the child and make him lose focus.

Absence of pleasant atmosphere at home The kids are sensitive and easily get affected by their surroundings. Fights between parents, divorce, death or illness of parent/ close family member are some of the reasons which affect mental status of the child and may affect his performance at school.

Bullying in school The victimized kids are often less bold to counter the bully. The continuous bulling in school can badly influence the concentration and studies of such kids.

Too much gadget time affects school performance of kids.

Too much of electronic media If the kids are over exposed to internetmobile phones or T.V., they may lose their concentration and avoid giving enough attention to their homework.

Lack of sleep The adequate sleep of the child is important to refresh the brain. Sleep helps in mental and physical development and therefore if deprived, the performance of the child gets hampered.

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Health issues Lack of nutritious and whole some diet may make the child weak. Good diet is important for mind and body as well as for their proper functioning. Therefore, diet and health have a great effect on the performance of the child.

Performance anxiety This is yet another reason for poor performance in school. Sometimes even bright students are not able to put in their best because of the increased anxiety levels and nervousness in them about their own performance.

Learning disabilities Some children suffer from problem of learning disabilities which may interfere with their learning process. There can be different forms of learning disabilities and if not discover on time, may continue to cause difficulty to such children at school.

Lack of good performance of child in studies is, therefore, an indication of some other major issue which needs attention. In case, there is low performance or dip in grades, the attention needs to be paid towards the mental status of the child and the possible reason for the poor performance.

Here are mentioned some general guidelines which may help the parents to improve the performance of the child in school.

Appreciate the hard work of the kid even if the results are below expectations.

Take active interest in studies and homework of the child.

Coordinate with teachers and other parents about the education policy in the school.

Help your kid to get organized and make time table which accommodates enough time for homework, play time and sleep time.

Take good care of the diet and health of the child.     
Helping kids in studies can bring positive results.

The parents may introduce their own interesting assignments and workbooks to help children in their studies.

Limit T.V. and computer viewing as it can distract the children.

Avoid getting anxious as it may make the child nervous.

Encourage child to share his feelings and point of view about school, studies, and other things.

In case of child with learning disabilities, seek professional guidance and act accordingly.

Forgive the mistakes of the child and give him chance to improve.

Always motivate your child in calm and positive way to achieve his goals.

These steps will surely help parents and their kids to bring out the best in kids and enhance their performance.

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