Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Tips to avoid food poisoning to kids while traveling

Food poisoning in baby or kid is the last thing you will keep in judgment while creating a travelling plan with family. It can be as minute as stomach pain to as dangerous as last. The major symptoms of food poisoning are being sick, belly aches, mild fever and weakness.
It is prudent if travel plans include precautions and medical solutions for this problem before heading for a trip. Here are some guidelines which should be adopted to avoid food poisoning to kids while traveling.


Breast milk is the purest milk a baby can have. Breast milk should be favored instead of pasteurized milk. And it is the best option while travelling as it cuts down the prospects of food poisoning to the child. It can cause danger to the kid if his/her mother prefers the milk in plastic bottles. The bottle needs to be fresh after every two hours, which is a huge task while travelling.

Say NO to plastic covered food items
You have to be careful about the food your child is using up. Is it properly cooked or baked? It must not be handled with plastic wrappers and also keep a look at the expiry date of the food stuff. It is suggested to have some house cooked food while travelling as it would cut down the prospects of food intoxication. You can also prefer fruits for your kids, but they must be fresh and well cleaned.

Drinking Water
Keep an eye on which type of water your kid is drinking. It must be well sterilized or mineral water. Besides, on that point are some restaurants which refill the empty bottles, thus you have to get a look at the seal also and don’t forget to see the expiry date on the bottle. Water is one of the main sources from which your kid can get food poisoning.

Say no to roadside foods


Always go for food from reputed food outlets. Avoid buying from roadside vendors as they seldom follow cleanliness rules. Check from locals about reputed restaurants or resort to internet for reliable food outlets at your destination.

Don’t prefer chicken while traveling
Mostly, food poisoning occurs from meat and eggs. It could be dangerous if eggs are not properly boiled or meat is not properly cooked. They carry higher risks of food poisoning with them. It would be better if you avoid these stuffs during travelling. Also, this counts in a heavy diet, which should be avoided during travelling.

Sterilized materials
Make sure the spoons or the plates you are using must be sterilized. Also, there must be no dirt in your kid’s hands as they give a pathway to bacteria to let inside the body and cause stomach issues. Develop a habit of hand washing in kids before eating and after using washrooms.

Must have items in your carry bag

Keep some antibiotics, energy drinks and sanitizer with your luggage and don’t forget to have a thermometer. Also, pack some emergency food which must be easier and can be used during an emergency. If the child is having stomach ache or showing symptoms of food poisoning, ensure the kid drinks loads of water and contact the nearby doctor as soon as possible.

Follow these tips to avoid food poisoning and for safe travel with kids.

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Monday, April 13, 2015

Air Travel with infant and kids

Traveling needs conceptualizing, planning and organizing. When it comes to air traveling with kids, this same task calls for extra attention to all details. Our children are completely dependent on us and so we as adults need to make sure that their journey is safe, comfortable and joyful. To shoo away your worries, here is a comprehensive ‘to do’ list for your safe and enjoyable air travel with kids:

Plan well in advance
Adults don't have a luxury to opt for a last minute travel if they are going to be accompanied by their kids. Planning is very important if you wish you make it a hassle-free affair. Always decide in advance one parent will accompany kids and the other one will get things done once the family leaves for airport. For reaching the airport, you may request a friend to drop you else book a cab in advance to avoid last minute hassle.
Family travel is a great time for bonding with kids.

Before you leave for airport
Web check-in and online seats assignment are big time savers. These small things save you from lots of hassles when you are on airport with your baby/ kid. Remember to print out your boarding pass as well and put them on top of your cabin bag. Along with this, you must have your IDs, tour itinerary and important contact numbers of travel agent/ contact person of your destination.

Consider possible emergencies
Make a checklist of what you can possibly need for your child during the travel. Also check with the airlines if they allow stroller and car seat for lap infant. Also, make sure that you pay attention to the standard emergency briefing. You may also talk to the flight attendant if they have any emergency equipment for children in particular.

Carry-on luggage should be thoroughly equipped                         
Right from your kid’s food, water, milk, baby food, snacks and medications, your cabin luggage should include everything in sufficient quantities.  For babies, remember to carry the pacifiers, milk bottles and plenty of diapers. Children tend to get bored very soon. Don’t forget to carry some items of their interest too so that they don’t bother you too much.

Security checks before boarding the plane
Check with the officials if there are special lanes for security checks of families. Also ascertain if they allow slings/ strollers/ car seats to be used while security checks going on and after that as well till the time of boarding the plane. In addition, prepare your kids well about the security process in order to seek cooperation from them. Once the process is done, let the kids run around or play in play area of the airport. It is also the time to head to the restroom to change diapers of your baby or buy some last minute snacks/ water bottles for your family.

No aisle seat for your child
While most kids love the window seat, there are also a few who would want to sit on the aisle one. But don’t allow them to sit there for too long and definitely not if you see the serving cart coming.

Taking off, in flight and landing time
The ear pressure during takeoff and landing can disturb your baby/ kids a lot. So it’s better to nurse your baby or bottle feed him or use pacifiers to divert the attention. For older kids, gum can do the trick. Encourage them to take a nap so that the journey is less tiresome for them.
Don’t let your kids wander in the airplane without you having an eye on them. During long journeys you should take extra care of this. Engage them in some conversation, book reading or playing with small toys.
Sharp, heavy and toys that can break easily should be avoided while traveling by air. Electronic games should be immediately closed as per the instructions.

Keep the child belted at all times
This can be very tough especially if you have a hyper-active kid, but nevertheless you will at all costs have portray this cruelty just to make sure that your kid is safe and very much in his place.

Unforeseen situations
Flight delays obviously upset anybody but you cannot do anything about it. It is better to be prepared for it especially w.r.t. kids. While on flight, bad weather conditions or emergency landing do create havoc. The best thing at that time is to follow the instructions of the crew and maintain your composure. Your kids will react in the same way as you will.
A child’s responsibility is the biggest ever. And you cannot blame anybody if things don’t fall according to your plan. The most important thing to remember is never panic no matter what. Instead think of all the alternatives that can come handy in case of emergencies!

Hope these air travel tips with infants and kids have helped you to plan your air travel. Have a safe journey!

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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Important Tips for Train Travel with kids

Kids love train journeys and especially if the travel is planned well. Taking small things into considerations and giving attention to the smallest details can work wonders for you. Here we present a list of some train travel tips for you. Go over them to have a successful train journey with kids.
1.      Arrive well before scheduled departure

Irrespective of whether you have booked your ticket in advance or not, you should arrive at the station at least forty-five minutes before the train arrives. This way you can take care of the seating arrangements and make the journey comfortable, especially for your kids.

2.      Opt for a direct-route train
Look at the various options and you’ll amazed to see that although you have a wide range of trains to choose from, but there are only a handful that have direct route. This is important to save time. And your kids will appreciate a short journey more over a never-ending train ride!

3.      Know the prices
Don’t pay adult rate for your eight- year old. Many a times, there is a low fare for children below 12 years. You might want to get complete information before you book your tickets.

4.      Consider train timings
Children love gazing out the window especially when the train is passing by a country side. That’s their favorite pass time. And if you accidentally happen to book a night train then your kids are not going to like it. Or in case you have a considerable long train journey then opt for overnight train and preferably cabin for privacy of your family.

5.      Always opt for a trial train journey first
Hyper active kids don’t like to sit and do nothing. Go for a short length train journey to see how your kid reacts. If he/ she like it then you can choose to go by train for long distances or else skip the idea for a few years.

6.      Never ignore the train’s safety guidelines
Train travel is different from road trip. Familiarize yourself with all the safety rules and guidelines of the train. You can then make your kids aware of the train protocols. This is mandatory to protect your family from having to face uncalled for incidences and to make your travel as comfortable as possible.

7.      Know about the dining car

If you are opting for a long distance train travel, then pre-book the seating/ meal at the dining car. This will avoid last minute hassles and you can ensure that your child is well-fed during the journey.

8.      Exclusive backpack for kids
Kids love to carry the luggage of their own. So, allot a backpack to your kid with his/ her choice of homemade snacks, comics, story books and entertainment option such as cards, Rubik cube, puzzles, and other portable pastime. You may also stick a card on the bag displaying their name and other details.

9. Baby accessories
In case, you need to travel with your baby then pack plenty of clothes, diapers, pacifiers and baby food in a separate bag. It is advised to keep additional of everything to deal with unforeseen  situations.

10. Medical kit
Need we say, you must pack essential medicines related to kids. If your kid is prone to some medical ailment then do carry the related medicine and doctor's prescription to deal with unexpected circumstance. Always encourage kids to use hand sanitizer/ soap in the journey to maintain hygiene.

Rules to remember:  Always keep your kids in between and do not let them go off your sight.  While waiting on the platform, boarding or deboarding the train, always hold their hands as the place may be crowded. Even while going to washroom, accompany your kids so that the help is just a call away. Make sure that you don’t leave your kids alone even for a moment while in the train. Kids are really vulnerable and can create huge problems or get into one without even blinking an eye.

With these essential travel tips, you and you kids will definitely love your train travel experience!

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Saturday, April 4, 2015

Tips for road trip with kids

Traveling with kids can be very challenging, but with right kind of awareness and a little alertness too, you can have a memorable time while traveling. A road trip with kids has its own benefits and some challenges too! Here are some essential pointers that you can consider before and while you are on your most awaited road trip with kids:

 It starts with your car maintenance
Make it a point to check whether everything in your car is intact or not. Make sure you get the car’s maintenance done just before your road trip. In addition, carry the tool kit to deal with unexpected situations on the way.

          Safety of your child is more important than anything else
Have a proper seat installed for your kid. You may contact the experts to do so if you are unsure of how to go about it.

           Plan your trip wisely
Get basic medical check-ups of your baby done just before you start for your trip. Should you notice any anomaly, you must postpone your trip. Else, if possible, carry the requires medicines prescribed by doctor to handle any  After all, there’s nothing important than your child’s health.

 Decide on favorable travel time and season
Try to travel when the temperatures are moderate. Children not always reciprocate well to extreme climatic conditions. It is better to carry umbrella and raincoat if rains are expected and extra winter wear plus gear to handle extreme winter conditions.

 Take breaks at regular intervals
Kids not always prefer nonstop traveling. They can enjoy more if you stop at regular intervals. They would appreciate it more if you keep explaining about things and places that pass by.

      Carry enough food and drinks
Don’t let your child indulge too much in the junk food that you buy from the roadside restaurants. Home-made food, juices and loads of water is all that you need to carry along.

 Try to keep your children entertained
Children tend to bother their elders when they get tired or bored. And so you need to make sure that you are taking care of your kid’s mood. Maybe you could take some storybooks or games along.    
Picnic Games: Kids' Picnic Song Mad Libs

       Take things of your interest
Looking after children all the time can be very nerve-wrecking. You also need to make sure that you are giving equal importance to yourself while going on a road trip. Pack things that you and your spouse like. It doesn’t harm to be selfish at times!

Also do not forget to carry your first-aid box, that’s very essential. It would be ideal to carry necessary medicines related to kids, toiletry kit, tissue papers and hand sanitizer. 

Let your close friend and family know about where you are heading to. In case of emergency, they will take care of your things back home!

Wish you all the best for your safe road trip with kids!

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