Monday, April 13, 2015

Air Travel with infant and kids

Traveling needs conceptualizing, planning and organizing. When it comes to air traveling with kids, this same task calls for extra attention to all details. Our children are completely dependent on us and so we as adults need to make sure that their journey is safe, comfortable and joyful. To shoo away your worries, here is a comprehensive ‘to do’ list for your safe and enjoyable air travel with kids:

Plan well in advance
Adults don't have a luxury to opt for a last minute travel if they are going to be accompanied by their kids. Planning is very important if you wish you make it a hassle-free affair. Always decide in advance one parent will accompany kids and the other one will get things done once the family leaves for airport. For reaching the airport, you may request a friend to drop you else book a cab in advance to avoid last minute hassle.

Before you leave for airport
Web check-in and online seats assignment are big time savers. These small things save you from lots of hassles when you are on airport with your baby/ kid. Remember to print out your boarding pass as well and put them on top of your cabin bag. Along with this, you must have your IDs, tour itinerary and important contact numbers of travel agent/ contact person of your destination.

Consider possible emergencies
Make a checklist of what you can possibly need for your child during the travel. Also check with the airlines if they allow stroller and car seat for lap infant. Also, make sure that you pay attention to the standard emergency briefing. You may also talk to the flight attendant if they have any emergency equipment for children in particular.

Carry-on luggage should be thoroughly equipped                         
Right from your kid’s food, water, milk, baby food, snacks and medications, your cabin luggage should include everything in sufficient quantities.  For babies, remember to carry the pacifiers, milk bottles and plenty of diapers. Children tend to get bored very soon. Don’t forget to carry some items of their interest too so that they don’t bother you too much.

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Security checks before boarding the plane
Check with the officials if there are special lanes for security checks of families. Also ascertain if they allow slings/ strollers/ car seats to be used while security checks going on and after that as well till the time of boarding the plane. In addition, prepare your kids well about the security process in order to seek cooperation from them. Once the process is done, let the kids run around or play in play area of the airport. It is also the time to head to the restroom to change diapers of your baby or buy some last minute snacks/ water bottles for your family.

No aisle seat for your child
While most kids love the window seat, there are also a few who would want to sit on the aisle one. But don’t allow them to sit there for too long and definitely not if you see the serving cart coming.

Taking off, in flight and landing time
The ear pressure during takeoff and landing can disturb your baby/ kids a lot. So it’s better to nurse your baby or bottle feed him or use pacifiers to divert the attention. For older kids, gum can do the trick. Encourage them to take a nap so that the journey is less tiresome for them.
Don’t let your kids wander in the airplane without you having an eye on them. During long journeys you should take extra care of this. Engage them in some conversation, book reading or playing with small toys.
Sharp, heavy and toys that can break easily should be avoided while traveling by air. Electronic games should be immediately closed as per the instructions.

Keep the child belted at all times
This can be very tough especially if you have a hyper-active kid, but nevertheless you will at all costs have portray this cruelty just to make sure that your kid is safe and very much in his place.

Unforeseen situations
Flight delays obviously upset anybody but you cannot do anything about it. It is better to be prepared for it especially w.r.t. kids. While on flight, bad weather conditions or emergency landing do create havoc. The best thing at that time is to follow the instructions of the crew and maintain your composure. Your kids will react in the same way as you will.
A child’s responsibility is the biggest ever. And you cannot blame anybody if things don’t fall according to your plan. The most important thing to remember is never panic no matter what. Instead think of all the alternatives that can come handy in case of emergencies!

Hope these air travel tips with infants and kids have helped you to plan your air travel. Have a safe journey!

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