Thursday, March 5, 2015

Happy Eco-friendly Holi to you

Smearing colours on each other and splashing water- this scene instantly brings the fond memories of Holi festival to my mind though I only watch people splashing water and colours. :)

My idea of Holi is all about preparing delicacies and enjoying them with family. Besides, I enjoy exchanging greetings with all those who mean to me a lot in my life. In fact, I do feel we can find some eco friendly and alternative ways to enjoy Holi as often we do hear instances of mishaps due to negligence or otherwise.

Instead of wasting tonnes of water down the streets, it would be better to create huge water tub filled with natural colours at common place and enjoy the celebrations. However, there are other ways too that exclude unnecessary water usage.

Another way rather a beautiful option is to play holi with flower petals. In some parts of India, people shower petals on each other and celebrate in eco-friendly way.

Create colours at home with daily use items such as turmeric, vegetables, henna powder, sandalwood powder, dried leaves and flowers. These are natural and skin-friendly giving no harm to users. Avoid chemical colours and other harmful options.

Involving kids in Holi preparations be it in kitchen or in decoration is another awesome way. Ask your kids to express their feelings about the festival by way of drawings/ paintings or write-up as well.
My six year old daughter has just created her imagination on the paper and here it is:

We have pasted her masterpiece on the door of her room.

Let there be colours of love, faith, hope and happiness everywhere. Wish you all a safe, memorable and eco-friendly Holi!!

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