Monday, September 28, 2015

Way to make kids eco-friendly

Eco-friendly kids can do huge good to the environment much more than adults can do. All it takes guidance in right direction. So how would you transform your kid into environment friendly human?
Well, here are some simple tips to bring the change:

Be the leader
Parents can make their kids friendly towards environment through their actions and mindset. Be eco friendly yourself by respecting Mother Nature and implementing reuse, recycle and reduce policy. Good habits quickly pass on from adults to kids.

Grow plants in backyard


Explain the kids about the importance of greenery and how trees produce fresh air and several other benefits to the entire eco system. Encourage the kid to grow a plant in your backyard/ garden and let him water the plant regularly. By this, the child will learn the importance of every living being and take active interest in protection of the surroundings.

Reuse waste material

Reuse and recycle plastic bottles and boxes to grow saplings or use them in making other interesting items. Similarly use shoe boxes, paper cuttings, useless CDs, tin cans, lids,etc to make useful crafts such as pen stand, bookmark, face mask, puppets,etc. That ways, kids learn to make most out of waste material and save mother Earth from being polluted.

Celebrate eco friendly festivals

Festivals means celebrations but does that mean more pollution as well? Encourage kids to throw waste things such as wrappers, used paper plates,etc in the bin. Reuse egg carton,biodegradable trash bags, used paper bags, used jars and papers,etc for Halloween decorations. Instead of using too many electric bulbs to celebrate Diwali and Christmas, use earthen pots/ candles as these are not just eco-friendly but means as source of income for underprivileged ones. Also switch to energy efficient bulbs to save electricity.

We know benefits of turning eco friendly but ways to become one are countless. Switch to walking instead of driving, donate old clothes/ books/ stationery, turn off lights when not required, use rechargeable batteries, less shower time and so on.

Hope this write-up will be useful for you. Do add your suggestions and ideas on how to become more eco friendly with kids.

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  1. Yes! It should be a part of daily life, right? Living an eco-friendly life as a mentor for your children.

  2. Exactly John! Do share your ways to contribute to the environment. We would love to hear...