Monday, December 29, 2014

New Year Celebrations with Kids

Again time has come to enter the New Year with celebrations, hope and happiness. It is time to bid adieu to the year gone by and keep only pleasant moments with us leaving behind the setbacks.
In this new voyage, participation of kids is equally important coz they are crucial part of our family.
Celebrating the transition from this year to next year with kids can be fun, entertaining, inspiring and unforgettable too!                                  
Here are some ideas to involve kids in New Year Celebrations:

Revisit the memory lane
Go through the videos and pictures of happy moments you shared with your family. Ask your kids to describe their best moments and may be put them on paper. Else you can ask them to make a collage of photos of best moments of the year. It is truly a happy way to end the year.

Playing games of own childhood
You can share your ways of enjoyment with kids. Tell kids about the indoor/ outdoor games you used to play and have a good time playing the forgotten games. Kids do love to know more about the childhood of their parents and that is surely going to be fun for all of you!

Decorating the house for celebrations
Entrust your kids with decorations of the house or a part of room. That ways they will feel important and enthusiastic whole day! Provide them decorative things and fresh flowers along with some ideas depending upon their age and let them show off their creativity in safe zone.

New Year resolutions with kids
You can discuss the new year resolutions of the kids. The resolutions may depend upon the hits and misses the kids had in the year gone by. You may help them to choose their goals depending upon the phase they are going through in their lives.

Having a blast with friends and family
Invite close friends and family members to join you in new year celebrations. That would be a wonderful way to kick start the new year. Take clues and ideas from your kids on what to eat, play, gift and how to celebrate on the New Year eve or on the first day of the new year.

It would be ideal to let kids try their hands in kitchen to help you. Meanwhile you may also order some delicacies from online food stores to save the time.
You may either keep an afternoon party in your backyard if the kids are too young. On the other hand, older kids will definitely enjoy the late night blast on new year.

Hope these ideas would help you to celebrate New Year with kids. Have a great start and stay healthy!

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