Monday, November 17, 2014

Tomato soup recipe

Hello everyone,

Vegetable Soups are my favorite especially the tomato soup. My family is also a big fan of this one.  Its filled with goodness of tomatoes and other ingredients which I always include.

Here is my recipe of tomato soup which you can also relish:

Ingredients: 7-8 red and ripe tomatoes, 3-4 carrots, some french beans, few leaves of cabbage and ginger (optional).
Salt, black pepper powder, butter, sugar, coriander leaves for garnishing.

Kids would never come to know that you have added so many veggies to the tomato soup! Add these along with tomato and provide your family maximum advantage of vegetables.


Wash all the vegetables. Peel off the carrots and cut them roughly. Now cut all the vegetables into large pieces and place them in a cooker. Put half cup of water, one small spoon of salt and place the lid. Boil them for some time. After 3-4 minutes of one whistle of cooker, switch off the flame.

store soup in glass jar and freeze

Now let the vegetables cool down. Make a puree of the boiled vegetables in a mixer/ food processor and strain them. Now you get a thick paste which you can either use to prepare soup or store in a glass jar and freeze for future use.      

In a pan, put some thick paste of soup and some water. Add some sugar and black pepper powder according to your taste. ( Note: I prefer sweet-salty taste so I have added some sugar. In case you like the tangy flavor, then do not use sugar.) Bring it to a boil and then serve in a soup bowl. Do not forget to add some cubes of butter ( avoid butter if you wish to lose weight) and leaves of coriander.

Serve the yummy tomato soup quickly and enjoy with your family in winter evenings.

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