Monday, September 15, 2014

Important information about dengue

Dengue Fever is one of the scariest diseases, which is on everyone's list of things that they are afraid of. The reason is that dengue has already cost the lives of many and not even the wealthy are spared of its horror attacks. Dengue Fever is renowned as one of the acute illnesses that happen quite often and among people living in dengue prone or tropical areas. The onset of dengue is treated very normally and many people usually mistake it for an ordinary ailment.

Symptoms of Dengue

The beginning of this disease shows the following symptoms in the body of the patient after four to ten days of the fever,
  • Severe Headache - The severe headache is the cause of excessive burden on the brain due to dengue fever.
  • Skin Rash - Skin rash appears on whole body of the patient after three to four days on the onset of fever.
  • Vomiting – The body of the patient does not respond to any food item given to him/her in the fever, which eventually leads to vomiting. In dengue fever, digestion becomes very slow.
  • Severe Nausea – Nausea can be defined as severe cold and cough, which are some of the symptoms of dengue fever and swollen lymph nodes.
  • Unbearable Pain Behind the Eyes – The whole body of the dengue patients pains a lot after the onset of fever, especially eyes.
  • Sudden, very high Fever – The ranging of the fever in dengue keeps on fluctuating up and down. The fever can go up to 106 F.
  • Sometimes, the fever goes down after three days but would resurface again. Therefore, it is indispensable to keep a track of blood platelet count from the first day of dengue fever. 
Other important facts

  • Mosquitoes, that carry the dengue virus, bites only during the daytime, peak hours are before sunrise and sunset.     
  • To avoid the attack of virus on your kids, you can use electric vapor mats and mosquito coils.
  • For kids, it is essential to use mosquito nets during bedtime to avoid bites.
  • The more severe form of dengue is also known as dengue hemorrhagic fever or dengue shock syndrome, which gradually becomes the reason of the death of the patient. Everyone should be vigilant when it comes to dengue cases, as the only way to save lives of kids is the right medication and attention.
  • Kids suffering from early stages of dengue yet can be treated at home; they just need plenty of fluids, bed rest, and nutritious foods.
  • Actually, no vaccine can treat dengue fever as a virus causes it.
  • It is important to destroy the every possible breeding place of the mosquitoes.
  •  The best precaution is to  remove stagnant water from tires, plastic bags, bottles, and cans.
Precaution is the best way to stay away from dengue

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