Friday, June 6, 2014

Summer Activities for Father and Kids

Why should mothers have all the fun?  Moms do take out kids for play and enjoyment. Fathers are not behind either. Even if they have limited time to spend with their kids, Dads can spend quality time with kids and have a blast! Here are some interesting Summer Activities for Fathers out there that will keep kids asking for more, sure:

Dip in the pool
Take kids for a swim in the nearby pool. If that is not possible, make a splash pool in your own backyard, fill it with water and water toys and start splashing water on each other. There can be no other way to beat the sun in style and have unlimited fun too.

Sports activities
Playing ball with Papa is so much fun. Kids get to learn more while being safe under the wings of their Father. If kids are quite older then a trip to nearby gym, tennis court, sports stadium or jogging on the track can be fun. Moreover, take a membership of a sports club and visit as often as possible with adults-to-be kids.                                        

Chef in the kitchen
Challenge the lady of the house with some delicious dishes made by Daddy dear. Let Papa do all the chopping and cooking while kids help him in deciding the menu, finding ingredients and setting the table.

Shopping spree with Papa
For a change, Fathers can take the kids for shopping and eating out too! Let the kids prepare their list and Daddy will fulfill their command. (Mothers, meanwhile can head to saloon for overdue beauty treatments!)

Indoor games
On Sundays or other holidays, it will be fun to play board games such as snakes and ladders, chess, Monopoly, Uno etc.,with Dad. Printable games are other options that will keep Father-kids occupied whole day while mothers can take a nap.

Outdoor fun
Long drive, visit to museum, historical building or garden, or camping out with father are outdoor activities that kids will remember for long. Not only this will provide bonding time with kids, it will also give father relief from daily routine.

Visit down the memory lane
Photo albums bring back the memories of childhood. Instead of going through your child's album, let the kids watch the pictures of their father of younger times. In addition, uncover the old school certificates/ awards/ mementos to your kids to let them discover the hidden aspects/ talent of their father. Tell them about your dreams, passions, achievements and even embarrassments- in short let kids explore the more fragile/ innocent side of their father.

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