Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Family Vacation

This is the reason why I was away from the blog. I was on a holiday to Thailand with my husband and kids. It was a wonderful and memorable trip. All of us loved the beaches of Phuket and the nice weather.People are good and cooperative there.

The best part of the Thailand trip was that we got plenty of time to spend together. The kids were too happy to share their endless stories with their dad. On the other hand, we also got many memorable moments to share and care for each other.

These kind of family trips are compulsory to take a good break from hectic schedules and everyday stressful life. It gives you a chance to forget the daily commitments and deadlines. You just need to concentrate on your relations with your spouse and kids. It helps to strengthen the relationships further.

One more advantage of visiting a foreign country is that kids get  a chance to live in a different environment altogether. They learn to adapt themselves to new situations.Both of my kids enjoyed a lot and also cooperated to make this trip more unforgettable.

 If possible, you must also travel to a new place or a new country which would give you and your kids ample of opportunity to enjoy, explore and adapt the new atmosphere.

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