Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Family Vacation

This is the reason why I was away from the blog. I was on a holiday to Thailand with my husband and kids. It was a wonderful and memorable trip. All of us loved the beaches of Phuket and the nice weather.People are good and cooperative there.

The best part of the Thailand trip was that we got plenty of time to spend together. The kids were too happy to share their endless stories with their dad. On the other hand, we also got many memorable moments to share and care for each other.

These kind of family trips are compulsory to take a good break from hectic schedules and everyday stressful life. It gives you a chance to forget the daily commitments and deadlines. You just need to concentrate on your relations with your spouse and kids. It helps to strengthen the relationships further.

One more advantage of visiting a foreign country is that kids get  a chance to live in a different environment altogether. They learn to adapt themselves to new situations.Both of my kids enjoyed a lot and also cooperated to make this trip more unforgettable.

 If possible, you must also travel to a new place or a new country which would give you and your kids ample of opportunity to enjoy, explore and adapt the new atmosphere.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Amazing Father's Day Gifts

Tired of thinking about the suitable gifts on Father;s Day? Check out these gifts. These are not the usual ones like mugs, key chains, albums, etc that are later forgotten and found in the drawers or shelves.

This one your dad would wear with pride. It would look good on him and beat the heat for him during the summer.

Packers Mens Franchise Fit Cap - $29.99

The Packers Mens Franchise Fit Cap by 47 Brand is a green baseball cap, washed for a broken-in look and feel. The Green Bay Packers Logo in embroidered on the front and Packers at the back. A great gift for any Packer fan.

To express your feelings, this gift is just perfect on Father's Day. The beautiful words would instantly bring a smile on his face.

Dad Stained Glass Window - $28.00

This "Dad" stained glass creation is a nice gift for Dad at Father's Day or any time of year. Size: 7 x 7 in. glass, frame 9 1/2 x 9 1/2 in.. The beauty of stained glass is replicated in each hand-painted image by artisans in Wisconsin. 

These Gifts would not create a hole in your pocket. But they would certainly be priceless for your Father.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Summer clothing tips

Children look cute in fashionable and designer clothes. While buying summer clothing for kids, parents need to consider the following aspects so that their child look good and feel good in his/ her clothes.

   1.  Always keep the comfort factor in mind. No matter, how much trendy the clothing may appear, if they cannot provide comfort to the child, buying the same would be complete waste of money.

         2.  The clothes of kids should be loosely fitted and well ventilated. Tight clothing would make the child feel suffocated and uneasy.

        3.  Buying one size bigger means that clothes can be used for longer duration. As the kids grow faster, their clothes are rejected very soon. Therefore, buying bigger size would mean longer usage of clothes. It would also save your precious money too.

        4.   Fancy and fashionable dresses may attract the attention but may not suit the soft skin of your child. Always buy clothes made of soft materials that are skin friendly.

  5.  Cotton clothes are ideal for summer season. Cotton clothes allow the skin to breathe and absorb the sweat easily.
       6. Caps, hats and sunglasses are important aspect of kids clothing. Invest wisely in these to protect kids  in summer.

       7.  Tank tops, t-shirts, frocks, shorts and capris are suitable outfits for girls in summer. During the day, these clothes keep the kids cool and comfortable.

       8.  Similarly, t-shirts, capris, knee-length bermudas and shorts are essential clothes for boys.

       9.  Always check the quality of the clothes you buy. Sometimes the clothes are not durable enough to last a season. Never sacrifice the quality of material.

Sammy & Claire - Luxury Fashion for Little Ones

  10.   The clothes of kids should be resilient and stretchable enough to sustain the playful activities of kids.

        11.   Several reputed brands keep fashion, durability and comfort in mind while designing the kids’ clothes. Choose such clothes that offer ample of ease as well as style to your child.

        12.   Before purchasing summer clothes, check out the various trusted websites for offers and   discounts.You can avail favorable deals on internet and conveniently purchase best clothes for your children at affordable prices.

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