Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Protect kids in autumn season

The autumn season is the time when kids look forward to holidays, festivities and fun activities with parents. With dip in temperatures, however, the season is also ideal for growing allergies, infections and diseases in young children. There are some easy ways to ensure all the fun for kids without falling ill in the autumn months.

  • Keep the surroundings clean and germ free to decrease the chances of allergies and infections. Dust particles and pollens in the environment triggers allergies. Hence, cleanliness is the first and foremost step to protect kids during this fall.

  • While preparing for festivities during fall season, clean the decorative items outside the house so that dust does not irritate or aggravate the allergy among kids.

  • Encourage kids to wash hands with soap thoroughly and frequently. Washing hands before eating reduces the chances of transfer of germs from hands to food they eat. While sneezing or blowing out nose, the germs are transmitted to hands and therefore, it is must to get rid of the germs through hand washing. You can also use hand sanitizer.

  • Throw away tissues used for sneezing in order to avoid spreading of germs to kids and other family members.

  • Keep the kids away from sick person. If someone has cold and cough in the house then keep him or her in separate room as much as possible otherwise the kid may also catch the disease.

  • Pets and pet hair are other major reasons of allergy for kids. Keep your pets clean so that they do not create a health threat for your kids.

  • Get the kids vaccinated to avoid flu. Vaccinations on time protect young children from different seasonal diseases and infections.

  • Keep the toys, clothes and bed linen of kids clean and germ free. Use disinfectant wherever possible.

  • Use mosquito/ insect repellent to avoid diseases such as malaria and dengue.

  • Provide healthy foods to kids to keep up their immunity levels. Seasonal fruits like apples, guavas, pears, avocado and pomegranates provide nutrients which are essential for autumn season. 

  • Cover the kids with proper clothes. Take out your autumn/ winter clothes and keep the kids dressed well as per the season requirement. Often you can avoid cold and cough if the kids are covered enough.

  • In case the kid falls ill, provide complete rest to him or her. Taking enough sleep helps the kids to get better soon. Do not send the child to school or to play as it may deteriorate the health and germs may also spread to others.

Running nose, cold, fever, sore throat, gastric problems, body ache, headaches, skin problems are common in kids in autumn months. Therefore proper care is necessary in relation to hygiene, nutrition and surroundings of kids. Follow the above tips and have a happy and healthy autumn season this year with kids.

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  1. The fall definitely is a great time to go out and do activities with you kids. I agree though that it is also prime time to get sick, great tips!