Wednesday, August 8, 2012

How to develop writing skills in kids?

Good writing skill is something that a child acquires and develops over a period of time. It requires initiation and full participation of parents. There are some easy ways to encourage kids to write and express their thoughts and ideas beautifully through writing.

 Let the child express his thoughts and feelings freely. Freedom to speak on anything would encourage him to think better and creatively.
  Encourage your child to read a variety of books besides text books. Reading newspapers, story books, poems, etc would serve as food for thought. Good thoughts convert into better writing ideas.

Ask the child to use dictionary to understand the meanings of tough words. You may also tell him to note down word meanings in his practice notebook.

  Let him write the menu for the day and his shopping list. These little things would improve his writing and spellings.

  Encourage him to maintain a colorful diary where he can write his memorable events.

  Playing word games and word puzzles along with kids improves their vocabulary.
  Ask him to write his thoughts on specific subject or some abstract thing. You can also join him in this writing activity. Alternatively, you can invite his friends in this activity and let them share and discuss their articles. It would be an enriching experience for them.

  If your child has flair for writing, provide him necessary tools like writing books, puzzle books, colorful pens and other stationery items. It would motivate him to use them and write.
  Create a funny poem with him and ask him to pen down the words.

  Help him to finish his writing assignments in creative and interesting way. Encourage him to prepare a draft of the work and then rectify the grammatical mistakes for him.  His final work would be a lot better.
  Writing letter to friends and relatives is a playful exercise for kids. They enjoy writing in this way and learn a lot.

  Making greeting cards for birthdays and anniversaries for family members allows the kids to be creative and expressive. Your active involvement would boost their confidence.
  Encourage kids to participate in essay writing competitions. No matter whatever is the result, he is going to gain a lot in the process.

  Set an example for your kids. Your habit of writing thoughtfully and creatively would definitely have a positive impact on kids!

Nurturing writing skills in kids requires time, dedication and patience. Expecting too much, too soon is not going to work. Appreciate them wholeheartedly when they express themselves on paper even if it contains mistakes. Regular practice would improve their writing skills.

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