Friday, October 14, 2011

Cleanliness habit in kids

Kids often fell ill because of bad hygiene.They play in mud, splash dirty water on each other and sometimes avoid proper bath.Moreover, they seldom remember to wash hands before picking up their favorite food.Mothers keep on chasing their kids to make them clean and tidy but after a while, they come back again with dirt and germs. Such things can have serious influence on the health of the children.

Good hygiene and cleanliness are important aspect of education of kids. It is important to educate kids about the importance of clean skin and body. Whenever they are finished with their playing with mud or clay, they should be given bath if required. Proper handwashing is must to keep the hands, fingers and nails clean.

Generally,nails get dirty quickly. Therefore, keeping the nails trimmed regularly is of great importance.Dirty nails are the cause of various stomach infections and health problems. Under the guidance of an adult, a child must wash his hands thoroughly to get rid of germs.

The need for cleanliness is higher in summer and rainy season as the germs and infections grow faster in these two seasons. Eczema and acne are two skin issues which can be controlled with proper cleanliness habit.

Bathing time can be converted into fun time for the kids if they avoid bath. Splashing water on each other is an enjoyable activity. Also, one can create a small bath pool in the house so that kids are attracted to take bath.

Kids learn fast if taught with example.Set a good example of your in front of them and follow all the rules of staying clean. The kids would imitate you for sure.
Also reward them for their efforts to stay clean.

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