Friday, August 12, 2011

Special bond of brother and sister

Relationships are important aspect of life. One of the most beautiful and cherished relation is that of a brother and sister. The sometimes sweet and sometimes sour bond between brother and sister can become more special with the guidance of their parents.

It is normal between siblings to have differences, fights and insecurities. As they grow, they learn to adjust and live together. The long years of bonding and companionship takes a turn when these siblings turn adults and choose different paths of their lives. Nevertheless, they can nurture a perfect soulful bond provided their parents shower extra attention and effort on this aspect.

The bond of a brother and sister can have lots of twists and turns. There can be phases of non-tolerance towards each other. With these simple and small efforts, the parents can erase the negative aspect of this beautiful bond and help in building a more trustworthy and lasting relationship.

Be fair and impartial among all the siblings. The equal behavior and guidelines for the kids reduce the negativity and promote harmony in the house.

• Avoid comparisons among siblings. It helps in reducing sibling rivalry and children feel equally loved and cared.

Appreciate the unique quality of each child. This makes the siblings acknowledge and accept the qualities of each other and learn to respect each other.

• Display of strong family ties sets a good example in front of the kids. The values and atmosphere of the family have a great impact on the younger generation. Therefore, practice healthy bonding with other adults in order to preach positive values to the children.

Encourage kids to sort out their issues on their own. Let them evaluate and resolve their differences. It would strengthen their relationship.

• Celebrate the beauty of relationship of the kids. Just like Father’s day and Mother’s day, the kids can have a special day for themselves on which they can express their feelings and exchange cards and gifts.

Raksha bandhan is one such festival that celebrates the genuine and eternal bond of a sister and brother. The day refreshes the memories of childhood and renews the true friendship between brothers and sisters.

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