Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Safety concerns for kids

Children are soft targets to many unwanted situations and risks. At home, school, malls, parks, etc the children are exposed to a variety of safety risks. In absence of adequate safety measures and education, they are unable to protect themselves from these hazards.

Crimes like abduction, murder, sexual abuse, trafficking is at all time high. With wrong intentions anti social elements pick small kids and teenagers leaving behind parents and family to suffer for whole life. Sometimes the kidnapped child is traced on time and returned to the family but sometimes the child is never found. Such cases of abuse and murder later on are increasing. Most of the times, these risks can be avoided and safety of the child can be ensured if adequate precaution and measures are taken.

Parents should be observant and educated about the safety measures so that their kid is secure at all times and at any place. They can also teach their kids the ways in which the latter can act prudently in an unfavorable situation.

Safety Guidelines for parents

The parents should be aware about the daily schedule of the child and changes if any.

They should know the names, addresses and contact numbers of the friends of the child.
They should get in touch with neighbors and obtain their contact numbers and stay connected.

Before choosing a baby sitter, verify her whereabouts and credentials. Go for the one who has been recommended by your friends and relatives. Also take feedback of the child about her experience with the baby sitter.

Always accompany the younger kids in the malls, parks, streets or any other crowded areas. Do not leave them alone.

Make sure the child carries his identity card while going to school and all his belongings are properly named along with contact numbers.

Parents should create a friendly atmosphere where kids and teenagers can share their feeling and experiences freely and can feel secured and safe.

Safety tips that parents can teach to their children

As soon as the child is able to understand, he or she should be taught his name and then his address, parent's names and contact number. He should be able to use the phone in case of emergency.

Always visit only those friends and neighbors who are approved by parents.

The child should be taught to take permission before leaving the house and tell about the place of visit.

He or she should go along with an adult or friend before going to nearby market or going to school or any other place.

The child should be educated about the course of action in case he gets lost in a mall or any other place.

If a tween or teen is pressurized to have drug or alcohol then he should be able to refuse it.

Also the child should be given proper guidance for the situation where any stranger approaches him for directions or lure him or touch him or compel him to eat something. It can be dangerous.

A child should be encouraged to use tried and tested bus routes and roads to reach their destination.

These basic safety tips can prevent many unforeseen and undesirable situations and keep the children protected.

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