Friday, April 8, 2016

Top reasons why your child does not eat


Healthy nutrition is the priority of every mother. But when child does not eat properly, it becomes cause of worry. Lets check out probable reasons of why your child does not eat:

  • He does not like the smell, taste or appearance of the food. When introduced for the first time the child may not be tempted to eat the new dish as his sensory organs disapprove it. No need to worry this phase shall go away naturally just be patient!          
  • He has had enough of snacks. Snacking just before dinner time often results in no eating on dinner table. So watch out if your kid runs for snacks, probably he is hungry and needs to be served meal earlier than others.
  • Sometimes, kids are too tired that all they want is rest. Check if your kid is rubbing his eyes and lying low, then its better to give him enough of sleep. He will make up for the skipped meal next time!   
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  • Too much pressure on the child to eat results in withdrawal. So it's better to cool off and let the child naturally accept your choice of foods.
  • The child has stomach issues. Often the kid does not understand and able to explain that he has stomach problem such as constipation and therefore not tempted to eat anything. This issue is difficult to diagnose. Observe your child carefully if he has stomach problem, resolve that first and you will see the difference in his appetite.
  • Food allergy is another reason that your child does not eat properly or is selective. Restrictions on what to eat and what not can be boring or irritating. Probably you need to be innovative to attract them to table.
  • The child probably cannot chew or does not know how to chew and thus spill out half eaten food.
  • The child is not keeping well and hence loses her appetite. As soon as she becomes well, she will gain interest in eating.
  • Slow growth is another reason of not eating especially among toddlers. When their growth picks up, their picky eating habit will diminish.
  • Kids on formula foods often avoid normal foods of different tastes in comparison to the kids who are nurtured on breastmilk.
  • Distractions like that of television interferes with normal eating routine of a child. So let the kid focus on his plate and distractions can wait!       
  • Sometimes, its just a phase when kid is obsessed with particular kind of foods or taste. Be patient, the kid will overcome this habit and develop taste for new foods.
  • Check your eating habits first. Yes, it is important coz child will imitate what you will do. So drop your bad habit of snacking or skipping meal or being too choosy before you complain of your child's habits. Got it?
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