Monday, June 1, 2015

Documents Checklist for flying abroad with family

If you are planning for an international destination with your kids, preparation for the trip should be well begun, starting from the packing of the luggage, which finally ends to the documentation process that makes you reach there.

But more important make sure that documents that you have filed are correct as per your landing - place because documentation can vary from country to country. Adequate documentations is a prerequisite for happy family travel abroad.

Read below the points that involves the necessary documents required:

  • Consent Letter: if you are holding a Consent letter, it means you have the permission to step in the foreign countries.
  • Travel Insurance is Must:  If you are flying abroad or anywhere, doesn't matters but make sure to buy the finest travel insurance. It is mandatory and your insurance should enclose health, charge of hospitalization, cost of doctoring etc to sidestep the super expenses.
  • Passport the Only Trustworthy Identification: Carrying a passport along with you proves that you have the right to return to your homeland. But ensure that your passport is not expired or lost, or damaged. If so happens better apply for the renewal or apply for the new one.
  • Visa: Visa is an approval for a non-citizen to trek for a specific country or outland. Check for which type of visa you have applied either for a student visa, business, or a tourist’s visa. It is a legitimate document, which gives you a privilege from overseas power that you can enter their country.
  • Collateral Identification: Travel documents along with passports and visas the other supportive identification like birth certificate; driver's license or a citizenship of the native country can also work as a proof.
  • Other Supplementary Documents:  if you are a single parent or a divorce you must carry divorce papers, or the court orders, or the certificate of the death person along with you.
  • Tickets to Travel: Make sure you have paid for the correct ticket of the exact dates and the destination. Always carry an itinerary receipt along with you, if you have booked your tickets online.
  •  Duplicates of the Documents: To deal with case of emergency like your documents are stolen or your important pages are lost, just Xerox the documents that should include all your airline tickets, visa, passports, credit cards and all the necessary stuffs.Also carry additional photographs of your family members.
  • Check other Customs and Laws: As the charge and rules of the countries vary in respect of documents containing visas, passports, citizenships etc. Ensure that you have adopted the right screening of the records and testimony.

Check the above document list before planning for any vacation with kids; you will get to know if you have missed something. Feel relax and enjoy your holiday without any strain.

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