Monday, December 15, 2014

Yummy Carrot Halwa to sweeten the relations

Holiday season is indeed incomplete without sweet delicacies. Since the festive mood is already on and holidays are not distant either, get ready to prepare some sweets at home.

Carrots halwa or gajar ka halwa is the most awaited Indian sweet dish in winters. I prepare this dish often in colder months to satiate the sweet teeth of my family and mine too! Here I have shared my
recipe with you.

Recipe of Gajar ka halwa


Carrots (gajar) 3 kg  ( This much of quantity lasts for 4-5 days, you may take lesser quantity)
Khoya or milk solids 250 grams
Sugar  400 grams approx, ( depends on your liking)
Cardamom powder 2 spoons
1 small bowl of sliced almonds
1 small bowl of sliced cashew nuts


Peel and grate all the carrots and put them in a heavy bottom wok on medium flame. Let the moisture dries. Stir at regular intervals and switch the flame between high and low.

Now add sugar and stir continuously at high flame.

When the mixture is almost dried up, add khoya or milk solids and mix well. Now add cardamom powder, and nuts and mix thoroughly.

Your gajar ka halwa or carrot halwa is ready to serve.

Garnish with almonds and nuts and serve hot!

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