Thursday, November 14, 2013

Happy Children's Day

Hello Everyone,

Children's day is the time to spend some exclusive moments with kids. We won't come to know when kids will grow up and will fly out of our nests in different directions. But before that  let us have some memorable moments with our little darlings. Our genuine quality time would make them feel special and remind them that they hold a special place in our hearts.

 To make this day special for kids, I and my husband have arranged an outing for our kids. All of us will watch movie, play some video games, dine out and return to home. What is your plan for today? Please share with everyone.

Just in case if you have still not planned the day for your kids then check out the list of fun activities that you can do with your kids:

  • Try a new recipe of their choice. Involve kids in preparation and enjoy the new dish with them. You can refer to internet or any kids' cookbook to try a new recipe.
  • Make a collage of family pictures and fix it on the wall of kids' room. Let the kids choose their favorite moments and photographs and design a collage of their choice.
  • Watch a movie with kids at home. Create a movie hall atmosphere. Keep chips, drinks and popcorn ready and have a great time with kids.
  • Play indoor games. Download some interesting printable games to have fun filled evening with kids.
Remember to come back again here and share your lovely experiences with kids.

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