Friday, December 30, 2011

Thank you, kids

One more year is ending, giving way to another wonderful year. Throughout the year, we made every effort to make life special and beautiful for our family, not to forget the little efforts of our kids to make us smile. In tough times, they understood us and did everything to make things easy for us. Their silent cooperation comforted us.

For every little effort and gesture by our kids, they deserve appreciation and a big hug. I would like to thank my kids for understanding me better and loving me unconditionally.

Gradually, the kids have crossed many milestones. They would continue to surprise us with their questions, performances and gestures. Let us not forget they are taking crucial lessons from life at their own pace.

Have a great journey with kids in the New Year as well!

Carry on with life:))

Monday, December 12, 2011

Some wonderful momentsof this year with kids

The year is about to say goodbye. Some of the special moments of this year will always remain with us. Some of them taught parents to be better while others witness the growing care of kids for their mom and dad.

Some moments of this year, I would like to share here.

In this year, I got my driver’s license and many times took my kids for drive. Every time I drove, my kids applauded and clapped for me. Their happiness and motivation helped me to improve my newly acquired skill. One such time, when I was travelling with my daughter, she all of a sudden started clapping for me and said she wanted me to drive often. This was one of the most memorable moments.

This year I started blogging and have been enjoying sharing my perspective and feelings. It has prompted my son to write articles as well. Though I have placed restriction on using computer, yet occasionally I allow him to write. It is good, as it will improve his writing and computer skills.

Sometimes, the concern of the kids really touches you so much. A few months back, I was travelling with my kids in metro and there was only one empty seat. I asked my kids to sit but my son persisted to me to sit there and he kept standing throughout the travel. I thanked and admired him for his gesture.

These are just some of the moments that I have shared. You can also share your wonderful moments of this year. We are waiting to hear from you.

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