Monday, July 7, 2014

Protection of Kids during Rains

Rainy season is always associated with cool and breezy atmosphere. Everyone welcomes the rain with smile and cheer. Especially kids like to make paper boats and sail them in rainwater. However, there is another aspect of all this enjoyment.

Children hardly bother about their hygiene. They splash dirty rainwater on each other. They like to spend hours in the rain that is a major cause of concern for parents. Prolonged wetness is not at all good for the health of kids. They may invite cold and other serious infections.

Lack of hygiene can lead to stomach infection and gastroenteritis. It can cause severe setback to the health of the affected child. Sometimes, children forget to wash their dirty hands and this helps in catching the infection faster. In rainy season, carelessness can prove to be fatal and therefore, parents need to take extra precaution in this regard. A simple practice like washing hands after using washroom and before eating is mandatory to keep stomach problems and other infections at bay.

Eye infection is yet another outcome of careless approach in rainy season. Most of the people face rain with their open eyes. This may result in serious infection of eyes. It is extremely crucial to safeguard the eyes and to keep them shut while taking a bath in rains. Moreover, washing the eyes frequently is an easy way to avoid any problem.

During rains, viruses are in the air. Water-borne and air-borne diseases can strike young kids and adults as well. The parents should follow some necessary guidelines to protect the whole family from serious diseases:

  • Always use medicinal soap to fight germs and infections. Ask children to wash their hands when they return home.
  • To keep the body clean and germ free, bath in dirty rainwater must be followed by shower at home.
  • Try to keep kids as clean as possible.
  •  Make them wear breathable and dry clothing.
  •  Encourage kids to wear gum boots and rain coats to avoid long hours of wetness.
  • Always carry umbrella to deal with surprise showers.
  •  Use filtered or boiled water for drinking.
  •  Go for bottled water in place of tap water when outside.
  •  Always prefer freshly cut foods and homemade foods. 
  • Include natural herbs and spices such as basil leaves, asafetida and ginger in the meals.
  •  Avoid spicy and fried foods as this may cause stomach problems.
  •  Stop kids from biting their nails.

The combination of low temperature and heavy rains is suitable atmosphere for breeding of various mosquitoes and germs.Therefore, use of mosquito repellents and hand disinfectant lotion is highly recommended.
These simple guidelines are must to protect the kids from adverse effects of rainy season.

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