Friday, August 2, 2013

Things to do on Friendship Day

The first Sunday of August is celebrated as Friendship day. With not much time left for this beautiful day, let us plan quickly what all we can do to make this day more meaningful and memorable.

Since friends are an essential part of life that stand by us through thick and thin, it makes sense to make them feel special. For those who have not met for ages, must take the opportunity to revisit those memories and reinforce the special bond of friendship with their old pals. Check out the things you can do to have a good time on friendship day even if your friends are miles apart.

  • Send gifts/ flowers to your close friends and remind them that you care.
  • Send a nice message or a beautifulcard to tell her or him that you miss those days. It would be better if you call your friends or arrange a video call and have some good time.
  • Organize a party at home. Call your friends now and arrange a party impromptu. You can order some food from outside and try a few dishes with inputs from friends. Download interesting games and have a blast. Party is incomplete without good music. So arrange the CDs or ask your friend to bring some music collection with him. 
  • Having fun under the sky is indeed the best option. Decide the venue for picnic and distribute the responsibilities among friends. Remember to carry some sport equipment like badminton, football or flying disc for more fun. Travel games are easy to carry and so much of fun too!
  • Take lots of pictures of your party or get together on this day and publish them online.
  • Leave a lovely note on the wall of social networking site of your friend. Post some beautiful snaps of your friends and let the comments follow one after another.
  • Your new neighbors have just moved in. Extend your hand of friendship and start a new chapter on this friendship day!
  • Become friends of your kids. Erase the distance between you and your kids and indulge in playful activities with them whether indoors or outdoors.
Through this post I would like to wish my friends, loved ones and followers a great Friendship Day this year! Thanks for being with me.


  1. Fabulous thoughts! Thank you for the post - it's something I should do more often.