Friday, August 16, 2013

Negative effects of non vegetarianism

Till now, non vegetarian food has been your favorite food and you have looked down upon the vegetarian diet as more suitable for herbivorous animals. The delicious dishes made from various kinds of meat have always tempted you. But, wait a minute. Have you ever wondered what a non-vegetarian diet is doing to your body and to the environment around you? Go through the following points and evaluate your take on non-vegetarianism.
  1. There is excessive release of toxins when non vegetarian food is digested as compared to vegetarian diet. That leads to higher chances of various diseases like high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, gastric problems, type 2 diabetes, kidney problems, skin infections, constipation, and hypercholesterolemia among others.
  2. Non vegetarian foods lack fiber while vegetarian diet has plenty of fiber that eases digestive process. That’s why meat eaters experience constipation and other stomach problems more often.
  3. Non vegetarian diet is high on fats and cholesterol. Even the lean meats have too much of fats. Thus, such diet increases the chances of obesity. If you wish to have a lean and envious figure then your favorite meat-diet can be a hurdle.
  4. Non vegetarian diet weakens the body and its nervous system. It damages the cells and can cause cancers of various kinds.
  5. Even eggs are not that nutritious as considered to be. Eggs produce acidic substances, contain infectious bacteria and germs, and provide less of vitamins and minerals to the body. Dairy products, pulses and nuts contain more nutritional value than eggs.
  6. To produce 1 kg of meat, 8 kg of vegetable protein is fed to the animals. The humans starve from hunger while the cattle are fed half of the food grains available in order to obtain meat. It intensifies the food problem existing in the world.
  7. Killing of animals for consumption disturbs the ecosystem and causes severe environmental issues. Moreover, it is unethical to kill animals for eating their meat.
  8. Non vegetarian lifestyle is expensive while vegetarianism is economical. The ingredients used in vegetarian food are far less costly and also enhances the immunity of the body thereby reducing the health issues (read medical costs).

With so many negative effects of non vegetarianism, do you still want to eat meat and kill innocent animals? Switch over to vegetarian diet to save your health as well as environment from further damage. To guide you in this respect, here is a wonderful ebook that would:
  • Help you to go green
  • Guide you to prepare nutritious meals
  • Improve your current health by change in diet
  • Lose the extra flab and get slimmer
  • Save your precious money with economical diet options.

The Vegetarian's Beginner's Guide would make your wise transition from Non vegetarian to Vegetarian lifestyle convenient, economical and delicious. Just remember you are moving towards a happier, healthier and Eco-friendly lifestyle!

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