Sunday, January 20, 2013

Use recycled products for kids

To educate kids about the importance of recycling and reusing for environment protection, parents need to take the initiative in that direction. Buying a recycled product is the first step in this direction.
Explain the kid about the purpose and utility of recycling. While gifting him or her a recycled product, also explain the process in which used items or waste items are converted into useful products.

Backpack is one essential item that kids need in daily life. Now invest in a sturdy and fashionable backpack for your kid that is a good example of recycling.


Hemp Recycled Rice Bag - 3 Pocket Backpack D

You may also make some beautiful items with used paper, plastic, used bottles, etc along with your children to save your environment.


  1. Love the backpack! We are big recyclers in our house, I try to reuse or recycle as much as I can :)

    1. Great! Together we can spread awareness about benefits of reuse and recycling!