Monday, November 12, 2012

Celebrating Diwali with kids


 Diwali is the festival of lights, a major festival of all Indians. Whether living in India or in a foreign country, Indians remember their traditions and celebrate Diwali with same enthusiasm and gaiety. This time around when you indulge in fun, flavor and feast along with friends and relatives, give quality time to your kids so that they can carry forward the same culture with equal pride and zest.

Shopping spree with kids

Take along your kids while shopping for Diwali puja and celebrations. Buy diyas, candles, and statues of Indian Gods and decoration materials while discussing different aspects of the festival with kids. They would come to know more about their culture and would definitely love to get involved in the Diwali preparations.

Making own diyas and candles


Encourage kids to paint diyas and decorate candles at home. Provide then enough of craft materials and get involved with them in the process.

Colorful Rangoli

Make a colorful rangoli with colors and/or flowers. Take ideas from your kids. In fact, ask them to join you in making Rangoli. You may also add diyas/ candles in your rangoli for further adornment.

Kids deserve special gifts on such a special festival. You can surprise them with interesting gifts or you can let them shop for themselves.

Indian recipes and sweets

Diwali is incomplete without special Indian recipes and sweets. Prepare some special dishes and sweets or you may also order some of them from a reputed sweets shop.

Diwali puja

Encourage kids to participate in puja preparations and show them how the puja of Goddess Laxmi is carried out. Inform them about the importance of this puja and it would be a good idea to teach kids patiently about the importance of festivals.

Diwali party

Holding a Diwali party is common. But in your celebrations take care on ways to entertain kids so that they do not feel left out. You can simply download some printable games like bingo, etc to keep them happily occupied.


Diwali is incomplete without crackers and fireworks but do not allow kids to fire crackers alone and make sure they are appropriately dressed. It would be a noble idea to persuade kids to restrict use of crackers to save environment. Instead they can donate some money/ clothes / gifts to underprivileged kids.

Kids living abroad

Get connected to your kids, whether young or adults, on the festival of Diwali. This is the time to reunite with everyone even if it means sending greeting cards and photos to them via internet. You can share videos of Diwali through social networking sites.

Moreover, it is now easy to send Diwali sweets and gifts quickly to them through a reputed online company.

Hope these ideas would make this Diwali more special for you and your kids. Wishing  all of you a very happy and prosperous Diwali!



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