Sunday, January 23, 2011

Make your child goal driven

Your child needs your encouragement and guidance at every phase of life. Surrounded with so many choices it is natural that he or she may get distracted and confused. At small age the child does not have the vision and goal for his life. But you can have! Your involvement and interest in the daily routine and life of your child can prove to be valuable for making him successful.

Having a goal to achieve drives a child to learn and perform better. The goal may be very simple and small like coloring a picture beautifully. The habit of setting goals and accomplishing them too will make the child develop skills faster. With each accomplishment the child will become more confident, self driven and happier.

Often a child gets distracted from his present activity and leaves the task unfinished. One after another unaccomplished activity makes him less happy and less confident. On the other hand, your initiative to teach how to set goals will bring interest and add liveliness to otherwise somber atmosphere. The child will participate actively and perform his best to achieve the goal.

While setting a goal for the child, it is important to understand the interest of the child. Devote undivided attention to the child so that he feels loved. Discuss with him on the issues that interests him. Ask him what he wants in life and listen to his talk uninterruptedly. Now assure him that how important he is to you and in the same way his goals. Encourage him to write down his goals on a paper and try to explore the ways with him to achieve those goals. The whole process of goal setting will bring the feeling of self worth, confidence and delight within the child.

It will be a good idea to put the goal setting paper on the board with further mentioning the small steps that can lead to goal accomplishment. With each completed sub-goal, put a tick mark against the step. Each fulfilled step will fill the heart of the child with pride and happiness. He would then be driven to complete the goal without losing the focus. Slowly goal setting and completion of task will become the habit of the child.
Avoid imposing your goals on the child. Let him follow his dreams. And whether the goal is achieved or not support him for his effort and sincerity. Beginning with small goals, get over to long term goals slowly. This will help the child to gain focus and control over his life.

The path of success begins with planning and goal setting. Teach your child the importance of goals and make him goal driven through various activities and exercises. The process may be slow but important for your child development.
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  1. Planning and goal setting is key of success.If these qualities are taught to the child then he/she may become most success person in life.

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